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Quilt Maladies

You’ve heard of Tennis Elbow, yes? How about writer’s cramp or runner’s knee? These are injuries and aches named after a specific activity and I ask you, where are the quilt maladies? We toil and sweat with needles and pins. We wrestle bolts of fabric, cut and fold. Ladies, we are putting our lives on... Read more »

DIY Low Volume Baby Quilt

In May, I raised my hand to learn about low volume fabrics and quilts for a Naperville Modern Quilt Guild presentation. (I know, raising my hand is a bad habit of mine.) Our guild had that discussion last night and I brought in fabrics, some pictures and a Low Volume Baby Quilt. I am very... Read more »

My son would be 30 years old today

June 26, 1984 was the day my son, Matthew, was born. I was happy, so happy. I had successfully delivered him V-BAC which at that point in my life mattered to me. He was a boy, at that point in my life gender of a baby seemed significant. I made triumphant phone calls and even... Read more »

Love Letter to My Sewing Machines

It is blogapalooza for June and here is tonight’s challenge. “Write a love letter, but it can’t be to a person.” Think outside the box: Can be a place, a time of day, a school, a book, an animal, a team, a word, a piece of furniture, your childhood blanket, your adult blanket … the... Read more »

Planning my trip to QuiltCon 2015

I am a member of The Modern Quilt Guild. Two years ago, before I was a member, they had their first QuiltCon in Austin, TX. I heard about it afterwards and thought, next time I am going. Well, next time is here, QuiltCon 2015 will be in February of 2015. First step is a room,... Read more »

How to Take more Flattering pictures

I ran into a fellow blogger Candace Jordan and had my husband take our pic, with a cell phone. Candace, a fellow model, had him use the flash to fill in the shadows. I loved that! So tip one, use a flash to fill in the shadows. You should check out Candace's blog <a href="">Candid Candace</a>
I love pictures, love them. I can’t remember when I didn’t. I always wanted my parents to take more pictures and to organize them better.  Yes, I was a bit of an odd child, thanks for noticing. Back then film was expensive, cameras were expensive and developing was very expensive. I had to bide my... Read more »

Visit to International Quilt Festival Chicago 2014

Yes, it's me and yes, it's my quilt. You knew I would begin the photo gallery with this shot, yes?
On Thursday, June 19 my friend Gina and I were excited for our Visit to International Quilt Festival Chicago 2014. I had been last year, but Gina wasn’t able to go with me. We had been planning this outing for a while. Why were we so excited? Because my Irish in Chicago quilt was being exhibited... Read more »

Featherweight Fun Facts

I have a Featherweight that I love with all my heart. I bring it with me when I want to sew away from home and it does a great job. Plus it’s just as cute as heck. I was so excited when I got my surprise present of one for Christmas of 2009. See how... Read more »

DIY Comfy Camera Strap tutorial

I love to take pictures and sprinkle them everywhere – on twitter, Facebook, my blog, my walls, you name it. I have a small camera I keep up in my sewing room and a nicer one for vacations. Then I have my beloved Nikon 5200, it’s an digital slr and I use it when I... Read more »

What do you get a quilter for her birthday?

What do you get a quilter for her birthday? I mean, what do you get THIS quilter for her birthday? I have to admit, I have just about every present a quilter could want.  You think I’m kidding? Let me tell you how indulged I am and how much good loot you can accumulate in... Read more »