Orange and blue T-shirt quilt was a Father's day hit

I finished Cliff’s Orange and blue T-shirt quilt and it was a hit. Technically it was supposed to be for Father’s day but I was too excited to wait. I gave it to him on Friday night. He got home from golfing as I took the last stitc

ob re 6I had written about it in another post which he did not read on purpose. He wanted a surprise. As he’s my most loyal reader I didn’t write about it again until now.

When I got the blocks all done and the sashing I put it back on the design wall and pondered it.ob re 7

This quilt called for a special fabric and I had one I had been hoarding keeping in my stash.

Don’t you just love those orange and blue robots? I got this fabric last summer in Indianapolis, at Crimson Tate. I had used a little scrap to make the R in Zara’s alphabet letters.

The top went together pretty quickly, then there was the back.

I had 3 yards of an orange and white but it was flowers, not macho enough for my guy.

Plus, I love piecing backs and giving them a more modern look.

ob re 2I gathered up my orange and blues and came up with this.

I liked it and I knew it would quilt up to look more “finished” and modern.

I put it on my pal Gladys and chose a variegated orange and blue I had used on Shelby’s graduation t-shirt quilt.

I decided to make it all geometric quilting, free motion. ob re 3

Then I kindof slowed down because I know how I am. I wanted to give this to Cliff for Father’s day so I knew the sewing would have to finish very near to have it work out.

And I almost made it! Ha! I was on this last section for over a week.

I just cut it off on Tuesday and made the binding.

ob re 9Then I was binding one side each day.

Today I threw caution to the wind and finished it.

Here it is and here’s the back. ob re 10

I know T-shirt quilts are top shelf type quilting but my husband sure loves it!

This post is not designed to really teach you how to make one. I have a four part series for that.

If you make one for a special person in your life, they will love it.

ob re 12Just look at Cliff’s happy face!

That makes me sew happy!

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Want to make your own T-shirt quilt? Here’ are the posts for step one, two, three and four!

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