My son would be 30 years old today

June 26, 1984 was the day my son, Matthew, was born.

I was happy, so happy. I had successfully delivered him V-BAC which at that point in my life mattered to me. He was a boy, at that point in my life gender of a baby seemed significant. I made triumphant phone calls and even ordered breakfast.

Then my pediatrician came to see me. All she said was, “Matthew has a heart murmur.”  But I knew. We communicated at a molecular level.

June 30, 1984 was the day my son, Matthew, died.

In between time he was switched to U of Chicago and then Children’s Memorial where he didn’t survive the heart surgery. I still have the hand written laundry list of all that was wrong with his tiny heart.

My son would be 30 years old today and I still just wish it all had never happened. But it did and all my life’s experiences have made me who I am.30 b

Who am I?

I am a person who values every single human life and every baby.

I am a person who knows what is important in life.

I am a person who hopes for the best but still fears the worst.

I am a woman who knows you can never predict who will die nor when.

I am a woman who loves other women and the families they have built.

I am a woman who knows that genetic bonds are nothing, they are not what constitutes family.

I am a wife whose only fear about her husband is that he won’t let her die first.

I am a Mom whose love for all my children is organic, fierce and the essence of who I am.

I am a Grandma whose joy and pleasure in my granddaughter is overboard. Way beyond overboard.

I am a human being that knows that our connection to other human beings is what make us happy and fulfilled.

Why am I all of this?

Because I was and am a Mom to all of my children but today, I am mainly Matthew’s Mom.

Happy birthday dear son of mine. I love you still and always.

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