Love Letter to My Sewing Machines

It is blogapalooza for June and here is tonight’s challenge.

“Write a love letter, but it can’t be to a person.”

Think outside the box: Can be a place, a time of day, a school, a book, an animal, a team, a word, a piece of furniture, your childhood blanket, your adult blanket … the options are endless.

Dear Sewing Machines,

If you’re reading this letter then it means I may have joined the Great Sewing Bee Beyond and you’re here to see who gets my thread and fabric stash. I’ve decided to split it equally between you. Yes, all five of you.

I don’t want there to be any hard feelings between you. I have been a loyal lover but a serial monogamist. I have loved you each completely and let me tell you why.

#1 – Blue Singer  – You were my first love, we did all those sewy things together for the very first time. Zippers, ah yes, we put in our first ones. singerRemember how we laughed when we put it in backwards? OK, maybe not laughed but still, it was a moment.

And the times I was learning and forgot to put the pressure foot down? Hilarious! Or horrifying as I had already wrecked a machine that way. I learned to read a manual like it was a romance novel and I was a love starved teenager. (Which, come to think of it, I was!)

We had some good times, didn’t we? We made those plaid knickers! That matador costume! My sorority initiation dress!

But then it was time to move on, move out. Why? Well my parents were only going to let me live there so long and you belonged to them. That brought me to a more mature love.

#2 – White Singer  – Oh what a darling machine you were with your free arm! collect_sew_dessYes, I had the very latest thing in Singers and I bought you with my college graduation money. We made curtains for the first apartment, remember that lovely brown open weave? The one that caught in your parts and snagged like a son of a gun?

You were there to guide me through the country look with all its eyelet lace. Yeehaw, I even bought boots and a wide belt to complete the look.

We had our firsts, not my first quilts but my third was made with you. Hey, I’ve explained before the first two were by hand, no need to hash this over again.

But I admit it, I strayed. Your free arm was no longer the latest thing. Oh no, machines were coming out with computers. Golly, a computer in a sewing machine? That and layway led me to a new love and you got traded in for the final payment. It was harsh, I admit it.

#3 – Beige Singer  – Oh you computerized doll. Push a button and there you had it, a buttonhole!sing You made the best buttonholes of all the machines I have owned. You were with me in my wild single again days when I was sewing things from every scrap of fabric I owned. Curtains from two different fabrics, go for it! Shower curtains that were half one fabric and half another, oh yes. Those are our moments.

But then, the tension or rather yours, it started to go bad. I couldn’t rely on you anymore and a exotic number from Europe caught my eye.

#4 – Elna – You could do all kinds of things, this was not your first bee with a computer. elna And your extended table, dear me I loved that Plexiglas dream of space.  You were a great machine until you, yes you, betrayed me. And not once but twice.

I’m talking about that bobbin winder, Ms. Elna. yeah, the one that didn’t work. Even after 90.00 dollars at the machine spa. That’s why the babe from Switzerland made me turn my head.lovers

#5 – Bernina  – Ah yes, my final machine, I promise you my Swiss Maiden, you and I will sail into the sunset together. Bobbins, crazy easy! Letters, we can spell out messages! Plus decorative stitches out the wazoo!

What’s that you say, why do I have the Featherweight and that Gammill? Oh, they don’t count, they are not my day to day lovers! They are only here to serve you and make your work shine!

You and I, we are forever partners! Why look at the small fortune I have invested in specialty pressure feet for you! I have one that makes circles that I’ve never even used, now that’s love and loyalty.

(Fingers crossed behind my back as I gaze at the new and improved 800’s.)


Your Stitchy Paramour

Writing a Love Letter to My Sewing Machines made me Sew happy!

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