How to Take more Flattering pictures

I love pictures, love them. I can’t remember when I didn’t. I always wanted my parents to take more pictures and to organize them better.  Yes, I was a bit of an odd child, thanks for noticing.

Back then film was expensive, cameras were expensive and developing was very expensive. I had to bide my time.

My Freshman year of college a boyfriend gave me a promise ring. Have you seen them? Pretty lame. I told him that my Mother would not let me keep it and we took it back and I got my very first camera. I’ve been taking pictures ever since. Lots of pictures and organizing them.

I have over 20 photo albums that date back to the early 1970’s. I have been constantly striving to take better pictures. The father of my best friend from High School, Robert Smart, taught me lots. I think of him often when framing a shot. I have also taken a few classes.

I stuck with my SLR until digital was really perfected. I take pictures with my phone but I don’t really love any phone pictures. Phones are mini computers that happen to snap pics.

Their primary purpose is not picture taking and I think the photos show it. I have a point and shoot I keep in my sewing room, a nice Sony that I take on trips and use with family pics. I also have a Nikon D5200 with two different lenses. I use it when I am going on a photo shoot adventure. I’m a fan of Nikon, they never changed their mount so my lenses from my SLR still could fit.

If you want better pictures, you need better lenses. And some camera tricks. Add in a program to do some editing and you are set. I like to use

Let’s talk about how to take more flattering pictures that will make the women in your life happy. I had my husband take all of these with me in just regular clothes, no make up. I am 61 years old and fluffy so getting a picture I like can be challenging.

Here are some ideas.

Now go practice, take some pictures that will make people Sew happy!

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