Highs and lows of Buying and Owning an electric car

On May 12 I went to fill up my hybrid car with gasoline. When the nozzle clicked that it was done, I removed it and was drenched in gasoline. Apparently it was just kidding when it clicked but the opening in my car snapped shut so that last blast sprayed me.

Initially,  I was horrified someone would turn me into a human torch. Then, once I was home and showered I pondered how to get the smell out of my clothes and shoes. (Clothes soaked in white vinegar, shoes in bag with baking powder.) Finally, I resolved I would never pump gas again.

20140602_200026-1-1And I didn’t. And I won’t because two days ago I picked up my electric car. I am pretty pumped about it. (Pun intended.)

Has it been hassle free? No, there have been some stumbling blocks along the way but I am pretty motivated. I already had a hybrid, this was the next logical step in my quest to reduce my own carbon footprint.

First of all there were only white ones in the Chicago area. I wanted blue. So I had to wait for it to be shipped from New York. I was willing to wait as there was an excellent rebate from Ford and fabulous tax incentives from both the Federal and State governments. I got a great trade in on my car, I could wait for what I wanted. 20140602_202527

Second of all, my garage did not have a 220 line and still doesn’t. Yet.

While I am waiting for that to be installed I tried charging it overnight on the charger which comes with the car.

It took a really long time.

20140603_173517Third, I decided to check out other charging options. I downloaded EV Charger Locator and ChargePoint onto my phone. There are two charging stations in my town.

First I checked the one at Mariano’s Fresh Markets and this is what I discovered, an inaccessible charge point. Two days in a row, I couldn’t get near the Blink charger. So I tweeted this pic to  Mariano’s asking for signage.  Here are our tweets.

I answered them and I will let you know what happens! Then I tried the charger in downtown Frankfort. 20140603_174130

Bingo! We have a winner, the signage makes all the difference.  I have used the charger two days in a row.

Fourth, I discovered you have to plan ahead when you are driving anywhere. Prepared with both of my Apps, I went on a quilt adventure, quite a cool one actually.

20140604_140614I met up with a reader of my blog from Canada. We went fabric shopping at Quilter’s Quest which is about 23 miles from my house. Irene was there with her friend and we talked fabrics and of course, bought some fun ones.

Then we went to lunch at Home Run Inn for pizza.  We noshed and chatted and had a grand time swapping stories of our lives. Quilters are the best people, aren’t they. Irene even gave me some fabric from Canada. Wasn’t that sweet?

Then I drove on home all on one charge and plugged my new cutie back in.

Fifth, an electric car works for me because I am retired and I never drove all that much. I am willing to plan ahead and find out where charging stations are. Plus, my husband has a gas powered car for long trips. And if I want to go on a long trip, I am willing to rent a car.

Buying and owning an electric car is not for everyone but it suits this quilter just fine.

Having new quilting adventures with zero emissions?

Sew happy!

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