Featherweight Fun Facts

I have a Featherweight that I love with all my heart. I bring it with me when I want to sew away from home and it does a great job. Plus it’s just as cute as heck. I was so excited when I got my surprise present of one for Christmas of 2009.

See how happy I was? And I still am, believe me. 19651_1198117909371_8388564_n

But what do I really know about it? Let’s learn some Featherweight Fun Facts, shall we?

There are many sites, Facebook groups and fan pages for these machines. The highlighted links have all kinds of great information, I just shared one fact from each.

1. Inspiration – I learned that the “Sewhandy” portable machine was undoubtedly the inspiration behind the Featherweight.

2. Color – You will see these little cuties painted all kinds of colors but black, tan, white and green are the original colors.

3. Parts – Even though these petite beauties are no longer being manufactured, parts are readily available at many sites, including this one.

4. When – Featherweights were manufactured between 1933 and 1964 and still run like tops!

5. Where – These sweet machines were manufactured in the US and UK which accounts for some variations in color.

6. Care – Oil your Featherweight after 8 hours of use. Yikes, mine is due!

7. Weight – A mere 11 pounds, like a hefty baby!

8. Dating – If you have a Featherweight and would like to know how old it is, the answer is in the serial number. This page will explain it all.

9. Introduction – Where do you present a great new machine to the world? At the 1933 World’s Fair right here in Chicago!DSC02878 012

10. The Name – The actual name of this first machine was the Singer 221, Featherweight is a nickname whose origin might be lost but whose meaning is evident.

11. Rating system – There is a 10 level system designed by Graham Forsdyk  and you can see it here.

12. Buying one – Yes, you should. Click on all these links and do your research. Here’s one cautionary tale. Good luck and have fun with your machine!

Here’s a video about buying one that I really like because of his accent. Oh and the information also!

Have you ever seen the painted Featherweights? They’re cute also but no longer authentic. Mine, pictured above, is the original black and was a 9+ on the scale.

What do you think about painting them? Any interest in owning one?

Anyone else have a Featherweight? How’s your experience been?

Owning mine has made me sew darn happy!

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Last time I did a fact post it was about buttons, click and read it!

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