DIY - How to make your own Shower Curtain tutorial

I used to buy shower curtains, it just didn’t occur to me to make them. However in the winter of 1997, I was a single Mom in a new condo and after a two week winter break we had snow days. I also was in possession of the curtains from my previous bedroom. Next thing you know, I had a new shower curtain and I haven’t looked back since.  I think the ones you make are way cuter so I am here to tell you how to make your own Shower Curtain.

sc re 1I have two bathrooms in my condo and two shower curtains I have made. I use cotton fabric that I really like and then have a lining behind them. I use the double hooks to hang them on so I don’t have to take down the curtain to remove and wash the lining.

Here’s my blue one, it’s pretty basic.

Most shower curtains are 72″ by 72″ but measure your own opening if you want to be sure. sc re 5

This fabric is a large overall print which would look goofy if I hadn’t matched the print.

Think about this when you are picking out your fabric. If there’s a definite horizontal repeat, not an all over every which way fabric, then you will need to match it at the middle seam.

See the yellow arrow? That’s where the seam is and I matched the pattern horizontally and vertically. It’s just a matter of moving the fabric around until you are sewing where it all lines up.

So what do you need to make your own shower curtain?


  • 5 yards of fabric plus extra if you need to match
  • thread to match
  • sewing machine that can do button holes.


1. Cut the five yards so you have two panels of 2.5 yards. If you don’t have enough length you can always create a header and a footer.  My striped fabric wasn’t long enough so I just turned the stripe at the top and bottom. 

sc re 42. Join them together in the middle. I match almost every fabric, even stripes.

3. Make the seam really large to create a flat felled seam. You can do it any way in which you are comfortable but you are basically trimming one side of the seam, pressing the other side over twice to bury the clipped side and hiding the raw edge of the pressed side as you sew it down. Here’s a tutorial from another website if you aren’t familiar with these kinds of seams.

4. When the seam is matched and flat felled you will barely be able to see it.  Here the reverse of my seam and without the black arrow, I am not sure you would even notice it. sc re 7

5. When you are done with the middle seam you have a giant piece of fabric.

6. Trim the width to 80 inches, 40 on each side of the seam. If you don’t have 80 inches, no trimming needed and smaller side borders.

7. Turn over and press a 2″ “hem” on each side, then turn and press it again. You will have 4″ total pressed twice and when it’s nice and flat,  stitch it down.

8. Now you have a slightly less giant piece of fabric with hemmed sides.

9. For the top, I do the same procedure but twice as wide if I have enough fabric. Turn down a 4′ hem twice and stitch in place. (If your fabric isn’t long enough this is where you can add a contrasting header instead. Sew it across, hem the sides, turn it over, encase the seam and sew it down.)sc re 2

10. Make 12 button holes evenly spaced across the top. I use the liner and match the spacing of those button holes.  Making 12 buttonholes is kindof a pain. Maybe get a snack first.

11. At this point I hang the shower curtain and make sure I want a double 4″ hem at the bottom. You can add a contrast hem at this point if the fabric is too short. You can see where I did this with both the header and the footer, it works out really well with stripes. I used the fabric I cut off the sides. You could use a contrasting fabric as well at the top and bottom.

12. Sew down the bottom hem and you’ve got a terrific shower curtain. I’ve made six of them in my lifetime. Yes, that’s a whole lot of buttonholes. Thanks for noticing.

But when they are done, I am sew happy!

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If you are making your own shower curtain, why not a shower robe? Check out the tutorial here. 

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