DIY Comfy Camera Strap tutorial

I love to take pictures and sprinkle them everywhere – on twitter, Facebook, my blog, my walls, you name it. I have a small camera I keep up in my sewing room and a nicer one for vacations.

Then I have my beloved Nikon 5200, it’s an digital slr and I use it when I am taking important photographs and I know the camera will be safe. I had my first slr stolen in Paris and I have been Camera strap re 1very careful ever since.

My issue is the strap and the lens cap. I need a comfy camera strap and I need a place to store the lens cap. Luckily I am a clever sewing lady so I can solve both of these problems.

I got some super fun Michael Miller camera fabric and some soft cushy flannel for the back side. And yes, I did get way too much, thanks for noticing. I plan to make them for all my loved ones.

First I measured the part of the strap I wanted to cover. It was 1.5″ by 22″.

Camera strap re 2I cut a 2.5 inch strip of each fabric. When I trimmed, I added an inch to the width and two inches to the length.

Then I took a small piece of fabric I cut off the end and put the lens cap on it. Camera strap re 4

I cut the pocket 3/4″ wider on each side and stitched up all 3 sides, leaving a gap to turn inside out.

I stitched it to the camera side of the strap near the end with the blanket stitch. I used a regular stitch to make the opening a bit smaller at the top.

Camera strap re 6Then I folded over all four strap ends twice and blanket stitched them in place.

I put right sides together and sewed them up on both sides, being careful around the pocket.

Why did I use Clover clips? They were out and actually they worked just fine.Camera strap re 7

I turned the tube inside out.

It was pretty wide so it went fast.

I pressed it and took one end of the strap off the camera body.

Camera strap re 8I put a safety pin on the end and wiggled it through.

The thickness of the flannel and the two seams, really kept it in place once I got it all through.Camera strap re 10

Put the lens cap in the pocket and you are done! All it took was two 2.5″ strips of fabric, a bit of time and some thread.

And that’s all there is to a DIY Comfy Camera Strap tutorial.

Now I am off to take some pictures!

And I am sew happy to have my lens cap safe. Yes, I may have already lost one.

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