First round of Round Robin is Done

I am no longer a Round Robin newbie, nope, I am now a veteran.  Well, that might be too strong a word. Hmmm, maybe I can merely boast that the first round of round robin is done!

I am very happy that not only did I undertake this new challenge but that I completed the first of five steps.

Round robin re 1

The Twilters who are doing this all agreed that we would only show “snippets” of the project as we complete it. At the end, I will reveal all.

I think this qualifies as a snippet, yes? It’s part of  my center block. It’s pretty modern. I added solids to the focus fabric and the white background fabric. Round robin re 2

Then I thought that maybe I was being a bit cheeky, to just assume everyone had a stash that contained a healthy amount of solids. Yikes!

What’s the solution to many quilting dilemmas? No, not chocolate but good thought. Quilt store shopping!

I went to Thimbles and bought a bundle of solids, 16 quarter yards of these luscious colors. Then I took them home to wash/dry/iron them.

I know that many of you do not do this but as I had done it to the focus and background fabric, I felt I had to be consistent. It doesn’t bother me that other people do not do this, I just like to. Call me crazy.

Crazy! (I heard that.)

Round robin re 3I also received my box from New Mexico. I didn’t open it until I had all my fabrics gathered and block made. I am not saying I am a cheater but I didn’t want to be overly influenced.

I was so impressed with Sally’s box, she was super organized. Everything was in zip lock bags and there were notes and sweet gestures.

So I immediately copied her. (Now you understand why I waited to open it. I am easily swayed.)Round robin re 4

Here’s my box before I sealed it up and sent if off to Pam in Georgia.

Later that day I found a green fat quarter sitting forlornly on my ironing board. Ooops!  Looks like I only sent 15 solids.

If you look at what I did send you will see how I copied the zip lock bags, labels and a sweet gesture. All these ideas were stolen from Sally. This is why I can say I am veteran, I completed the tasks and borrowed from the best!

Now we wait until the middle of May.  All the boxes are due by then and we get instructions for the next stage. UPDATE: I actually already have the information on how to do all the next steps. Silly me didn’t read the email correctly. I am lucky so many of  my fellow twilters were looking out for me and had my back. Thanks ladies!

So far the Round Robin has had me shopping at quilt stores three times, designing new ideas, getting a fun box in the mail and making new quilter pals.

Round Robin is making me Sew happy!

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I wrote last week about my focus fabric and start of Round Robin. If you missed it, you can read it here.

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