Celebrities caught sewing

Famous people are just like you and me, right? Therefore they must sew. They know that it’s a fabulous hobby and have probably read that Quilting is the new cool.

Then why aren’t there more pictures of famous people sewing? You see them in People magazine and on the internet. You can view them shopping, not wearing undergarments and frolicking on the beach. Where are the sewing pictures?

There are a few, just a few, and I say bravo to those brave celebrities who have released pictures of themselves with a needle, thread or sewing machine.

I am thinking that the rest are nervous perhaps? It’s easy enough to star in a blockbuster movie but try making a quilt block? Call me, I’ll help you learn how.

In the meantime, I am here to give the crafty stars a digital high five in today’s photo gallery of Celebrities caught sewing. I know lots of  you stars are going to be upset you didn’t make the post. Just have your people call my people. Well, that would be me so just have your people call me, we’ll get you in the next one.

What other well known figures share our talent? Did I miss anyone?

If there are other stars who make quilts or garments, that would make me Sew happy!

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My favorite famous quilter is Karen Nyberg. I have written about her three times! First post, second and third.

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