Quilting is the new cool

I think of sewing as being a somewhat traditional hobby, no longer taught in schools. However, I’ve been reading lately how it’s making a comeback. And who is really embracing it? Hipsters. I know, it surprised me also.

When I discovered that Hipsters sew and blog, I tweeted “Hipsters blog and sew. I blog and sew.  I am 60, does that make me a Sipster?” A reply tweet told me I was an “OG Hipster.”  My oldest told me that OG = Original Gangsta.  So that’s one definition but I’ve come up with my own. I’m a quilter, I’m the new cool.1476517_557993764289473_1011173994_n

Think about it, the quilting revival started with the Bicentennial and an explosion of interest in quilt patterns and blocks. Classes, fabrics and then all the new tools followed. Everyone wanted a vintage looking quilt, in fact the whole country look was based on it. That evolved into a fussy but fun cluttered goose heavy way of decorating.

Things change, tastes change and what I would call the Pottery Barn look is more prevalent today. Bye bye brass, hello brushed nickel. Out with the wallpaper, in with striking colors. Lots of antique memorabilia is replaced with sparse elements. But what still remains? You guessed it, quilts!

Quilts have accomplished with eyelet lace could not, it transitioned to the new look. Everyone still wants a quilt just not necessarily a vintage one. Perfect, because we are making quilts right here and right now, am I correct? (Please nod your head in agreement. Excellent.)

Whether you think of yourself as traditional or modern, it’s all cool! You can mix and match and adapt like quilts themselves have done. Quilters have not gone all one way only to flip 180 degrees in the opposite direction. We’ve embraced and included it all just like quilts themselves have always done.

Quilts used feed sacks, old clothes or bits of taffeta. Quilters have used calicoes, solids and large prints. Why? Because we are the original cool. We recycled clothing before it was trendy. We hoarded fabric before there was a reality show. Honey, we invented cool.

We Quilters design our art on computers or with time worn patterns.  We cut it out with colorful rotary cutters and the niftiest rulers known to women or handed down shears with a patina of love and tradition. We stitch on computer driven luxury machines and antique Featherweights. We quilt on impressively huge Longarms, our standby domestics or sharp needles and a strong light.

Quilters have incorporated and blended the new and the time tested. We love new gadgets and our Grandmothers’ flower garden hexies. We remember our pasts, learn from all our lessons and create really terrific modern or traditional pieces.

Above all, remember that quilting is the new cool. 

Sew happy!

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