Quilt Round Robin and other Firsts

I have previously confessed to an overuse of social media and among these pleasures is Twitter. My quilter pals on Twitter are full of good ideas, blogs, podcasts and support. I was even lucky enough to meet one when her guild put on a fabulous show. As a result when a Quilt Round Robin was offered, I thought sure, why not! I am into Yes, remember?

After I said yes I figured I better find out what a Quilt Round Robin was. This is the explanation I got from ehow.com.

A round robin quilt is a quilt made by a group of quilters rather than by one person. If there are six people in the group, six quilts are made during the course of the round robin, with each person finishing one section of the quilt before passing it on to the next person in line.

I bugged the person in charge like crazy I sent a few inquiring emails to the organizer as I tried to figure out the fabric. rr re 1

This was my first thought. I had a journal someone had given me so that part was easy. Then I gathered a bunch of fabrics I thought might be interesting.

We needed 2 yards of focus fabrics and 3 of background fabrics. The “s” on fabric was me, not the directions.

rr re 2I found out we were really sending a focus fabric and a background fabric so I winnowed out a few as I settled on a center block idea.

But I realized I didn’t have the requisite number of yards of the background fabric unless I flip flopped them. After I sent  a few more annoying emails, I got a clearer idea.

I looked up round robin quilts on google images and quite frankly I wasn’t that excited with what I saw. Rr re 3

Maybe I needed to ignore my stash and go fabric shopping? Ah, yes, fabric shopping is nearly always the ticket.

As you can see, I switched directions entirely. I decided that I would rather have a random blue quilt and that white is a cooling background. Plus the blue fabric has lots of different colors that would lend themselves to solids and give the ending quilt a more modern, less cluttered look. Yes? Who knows!

new re 1Now I just have to make my center block. This necessitated an additional stop at the Top Shelf quilts as I had only bought enough background Kona white to send, I need to use some in my block.

In the meantime I am quilting my friend Gina’s heart quilt on Gladys, my friendly Gammill. I have never quilted on someone else’s top. But Gina is very understanding and laid back so it takes most of the angst out of this first!

First Round Robin and first quilting on some else’s top. What other firsts do I have?qnews

Two of them and they are both pretty fun for me. I have an essay for the 300 words section of Quilters Newsletter magazine that was accepted for publication in their August/September issue. I am smiling as I type this.

I also learned that my Irish in Chicago quilt was accepted to be displayed at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago (Rosemont) this June. I’ll be in the quilt international festival 2014section with the other Chicago area Modern quilters. Again, I am grinning from ear to ear.

I will of course write again about these fun things as they progress. You know how I am feeling, right?

Sew happy!

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If you missed the post on the Irish in Chicago quilt, you can read part one or part two!

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