10 Super fun facts about fabric

Fabric is my addiction, my love, my guilty pleasure and the mainstay of my creative spirit. I buy it, cut it, use it, love it and sometimes I even pet it. But what do I really know about it? Not that much so I set out to do some research on my most favorite item and I am going to share them with you. Yes, here are super fun facts about fabric.

1. Most used fabric? Why it’s cotton which should come as no surprise. I am a cotton queen myself! How do I know this, why Fabrics.net told me!Cotton-640x480

2. When did people start using cotton? Cotton, this most popular of fabrics, has been around since 3000 BC. That’s a long time and eHow tells me it’s so.

3. How many kinds of cotton are there? I was amazed to discover on Fabric Facts that there are 25 kinds of cotton. I think I may have used them all!

4. Which is rated the highest for wearability, stain resistance and cleaning? Polyester, gulp! I know, it’s not my favorite but it sure doesn’t wear out! This is according to Vanderlip Upholstery.

5. Which fabric comes from a worm? Luxurious silk comes from the larvae of the silkworm. Gross start for a wonderful fabric. The NY Fashion Center has all kinds of facts!

6. Ikea is famous for reasonably priced furniture. What else can you buy there? Snacks, yes, but also fabric. Who knew? Check it out.

7. Which fabric is stronger wet than dry? Why that would be linen, I was surprised also. Read about it here.

8. What percentage of American textiles are destined to become clothes? According to textiles facts and information, the answer is 35%. Seems low to me!

9. What expression refers to fabric NOT sports? The whole nine yards was an expression of how much fabric was needed to make a fancy man’s coat. I was shocked to read this on a Sewing Fun Facts page. 

10. What is the most expensive fabric in the world? And no, I do not have any. It is vicuña wool. Weave some gold into it and it’s almost $1,800 a yard. Yes, a yard. See the cute but elusive Vicuña here.

I loved learning all these facts. I love cotton, don’t care for gold woven in my fabrics and quite frankly avoid polyester no matter what its good qualities are!

Fabric makes me sew happy!

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