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A year of happiness and learning in Barcelona

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, Blogapalooza time again. Here’s tonight’s topic. “Write about a favorite or memorable place you have lived for any time at all, whether a country, state, city, childhood home, fraternity/sorority, hostel, hotel or even bedroom.” This was an easy choice for me, my favorite and most memorable place was... Read more »

10 Super fun facts about fabric

Fabric is my addiction, my love, my guilty pleasure and the mainstay of my creative spirit. I buy it, cut it, use it, love it and sometimes I even pet it. But what do I really know about it? Not that much so I set out to do some research on my most favorite item... Read more »

Quilt Round Robin and other Firsts

I have previously confessed to an overuse of social media and among these pleasures is Twitter. My quilter pals on Twitter are full of good ideas, blogs, podcasts and support. I was even lucky enough to meet one when her guild put on a fabulous show. As a result when a Quilt Round Robin was... Read more »

The Homicide Quilt at the Beauty and Brawn Gallery in Chicago

I think this power of this quilt is to view it first in its entirety. Let the neighborhoods and the names make an impression on you. Then examine the individual names and think about the people who stitched those names and the humanity behind them.
Quilts are part of what life is all about. They provide an outlet for artistic expression, beautify homes, keep families warm and are an emotional comfort as well. The Homicide quilt at the Beauty and Brawn Gallery is providing a multi layered experience for the city beyond that of most quilts. Thanks to Rex Huppke... Read more »

Cars in Cuba

This was the first car I saw, fresh off the plane I snapped this red and white car.
Cuba has a great many American cars from the 1950’s which are still working and are seen on nearly every street. Because of the US Embargo, they cannot import new parts for these cars so they make do, using parts from other cars. Many of them are also repainted. The cars in Cuba are practically... Read more »

Default response YES

When I worked full time my automatic response was usually No, sorry, I have to work.  I had a full time job, I was a single Mom for a while, I had my girls and I was tired. Once I retired I decided I wanted to have a new automatic answer. My resolve became Default... Read more »

Quilting is the answer

In my life there are various and assorted problems and situations which arise on a daily basis. Sometimes money is the answer, occasionally a good disinfectant is needed, often chocolate will help but I find that more often than not, quilting is the answer. Yep, it’s the answers for most of life’s pesky quandaries. Let... Read more »

Michael Miller Challenge and T-shirt quilt

I am slowly getting back into gear, my brain is no longer in the Caribbean. I finished one repeat sewing project and I have the Michael Miller Challenge and T-shirt quilt going on right now.  Want to see? I am glad because I want to show you. On a whim, at the last minute, I signed up... Read more »

Quilt shops in the Fox Valley

I love shopping for fabric, I don’t even care if I don’t know what I will make with it. There is nothing else that gives me quite the rush that selecting new fabrics does. I decided that to help me recharge my creative battery I would seek out brand new quilt shops in the Fox... Read more »

Quilt power

Quilters are special people, my favorite people in fact. Alone we might be solitary piecers but together, we are powerful! In fact it’s high time we realizes what we have, Quilt Power! What are some examples of quilt power? I thought you’d never ask. Quilt power can turn an ordinary bedroom into a sanctuary of... Read more »