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I belong to four quilt guilds and yes, I think it might be a tad excessive. My husband always says, overkill is the best kill and I guess that is what I am doing. I think you should join a Quilt Guild also. Let me tell you about mine and maybe you will be convinced.

guild re 2I belong to AQS, the American Quilter’s Society. I even have a membership card. (I blacked out my address and number, who needs all the fan mail?)

I pay 25.00 a year and have a pin also. I dearly love pins, even have a pin quilt.

I also get a discount card at JoAnn fabrics with this card and sometimes it is the only discount that works.guild re 6

In addition, there is a glossy publication which appears in my mailbox and I very much enjoy reading it. Add in the shows all over the country and it’s a pretty darn cool guild, very well organized and established.  I hope one day to make it to one of their shows.

My local guild I think of as an AQS kind of guild. It is very large, fairly traditional and well established. It meets the second Wednesday of each month at 9:30 am. I teach on Wednesdays which conflicts but this semester my class starts at 1:00 pm so it works out. We have membership cards and a directory of all the members. It is about a 40 minute drive from my condo to get there.

guild re 3My local guild is called Quilters Plus and has around 160 members, a board, 25.00 dues, workshops, trips and famous speakers. The speakers are my favorite part.

If I wanted to I think I could fill almost every day with activities from this guild. I am not on any of the boards or committees but look how organized they are. That little book mark flips over and is a list of all the speakers and workshops for the year.

We also do a raffle quilt and a bazaar every year. I don’t make things to sell so I don’t really participate in the bazaar. I sell my raffle tickets and see the raffle quilt? There are 12 Lily blocks and I made one of them. Which one? I really have no idea. I like to think the best looking one, ha!

I also belong to the National Modern Quilt Guild. I just joined this year and haven’t discovered all the advantages yet of membership. guild re 4I have a membership card and a pin! I get lots of emails and can participate in challenges. I like being part of the Modern Quilt movement and I am excited to attend QuiltCon next February. This guild is also 25.00 a year and so far I think it’s worth it just for the food for thought alone.

guild re 1Naperville has a local Modern Quilt Guild. It is very relaxed. I like that!

There are probably 20 people who come each month. We do presentations for each other as we have unbelievably accomplished and famous quilters in the guild, for real.

We also do a fair amount of challenges, I have done three, the scrap challenge (I cheated), the pin cushion challenge and the ugly fabric challenge. I am trying to decide if I want to do the next one.

There are really no rules in this guild and it meets the 4th Thursday at 6:00 pm. It’s a long drive, an hour, but worth it.

I like belonging to all of these guilds but I am not really good friends with anyone in them. I wonder if I was a solitary quilter for so long that I have trouble finding a buddy. Living far from each one also plays into that.

Plus, with teaching and the distance I attend only the meetings I can. Writing this post made me realize I want to change that. See how great blogging can be?

But I love learning new things and keeping up with speakers and challenges, each guild provides me with a stimulating look at quilting.

OK, now what about you? How many guilds do you belong to and what do you think of them?

Learning new things about quilting makes me sew happy!

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Read about my pin quilt here.

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