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Snaps are the best closure for homemade bibs

I make bibs, lots of bibs. Many other people do, I see them on Pinterest and on other blogs. I love the colors and cool ideas but when I see Velcro closings or tie strings I feel for the Mom. I started out with both of those ways to close a bib. I learned the... Read more »

Quilter shame

Yes, it’s great to be a quilter. Most people I know who aren’t quilters have quilter envy of me, not that they tell me, I can just sense it. I see their secret desire to be a quilter and join our thready ranks. I feel compelled to admit that this coveted lifestyle has its underbelly,... Read more »

12 fun facts about Quilting

Quilting is my hobby and passion, something I share with woman all over the world. We buy fabric, make quilts and keep our loved ones warm and happy. We love the process and the product but maybe it’s time for this quilter to do a bit of research on her passion. I’ve been poking around... Read more »

DIY Doll bed in a Bin

Here are the fun fabrics and the bin I bought. You could use any size bin.
I love my granddaughter with all my heart but we only had one doll cradle stored above the garage. If you missed that post, you can read it here. Unless I wanted to make or buy more cradles I had to think of a way to get a place for the other dollies currently without... Read more »

How to successfully date and marry a Quilter

Today’s post is written for all the single guys out there who read my blog. Also, I like to think that there are men around the world putting the title into a search engine hoping against hope for a blog post like this. I feel a post on “How to successfully date and marry a... Read more »

Quilt stores even smell good

I love quilt stores and fabric. Love everything about them. I even love the way quilt stores smell. Yes, you read that right. I love the way quilt stores smell. Why? Because quilt stores even smell good. There is a  quilt store right up the street from me. Let me repeat that. Right. Up. The.... Read more »

Dreaming in Cuban

This was a fun week for me, it started out with St. Patrick’s day, a fabulous holiday. Then the very next day I got to go see Cristina Garcia, a very favorite author of mine. She wrote the book Dreaming in Cuban which I recently reread. When I saw that the moderator was Teresa Puente,... Read more »

In defense of excessive social media use

It’s blogapalooza time once again and here is tonight’s one hour challenge. Write a post passionately defending your guilty pleasure(s). Think food, TV shows, celebrities, publications, movies, in-laws, whatever it is that probably kind of sucks but you (and maybe only you) definitely kind of love. OK, true confession time. I am pretty much a... Read more »

Join a Quilt Guild

I belong to four quilt guilds and yes, I think it might be a tad excessive. My husband always says, overkill is the best kill and I guess that is what I am doing. I think you should join a Quilt Guild also. Let me tell you about mine and maybe you will be convinced.... Read more »

Irish in Chicago Quilt part two

Creating, sewing and quilting this Irish in Chicago Quilt has been an overwhelming experience. I have lived with this quilt in my head, talking to me and urging me on. The quilt I had in my head was a whispery phantom, I now have the real quilt. If you missed the genesis of this project... Read more »
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