Super Modern Baby quilt part two

I am so happy with this quilt! I started it on Sunday and finished it that Thursday. I’m on fire. All right I did have the large color blocks already for this quilt so that helped a bunch. Those blocks just needed to marinate a bit. If you missed the first post, here it is. All you all caught up? Yay, onto Super Modern Baby quilt part two.

Modern baby quilt 001 reHere it is, my little modern cutie.

I considered quilting it with fireflies as the white fabric is white on white fireflies.Modern baby quilt 002 re

Or I could do a geometric design all over?

You know where this is going, yes?

I decided to do horizontal quilting on it. Quelle surprise!

It didn’t interfere with the overall design, it just fit with this modern quilt.

Modern baby quilt 003 re Here it is all quilted up. I was sew very happy with it.

I had exactly enough white left to do the continuous seam binding on it but this time, I did it by machine. Modern baby quilt 004 re

Sew much faster and it worked out nicely. I know, I promised a post on binding and I will do it but I was excited to write this post.

Today was book club and I got to give the quilt to the new mom and dad. Plus I got to meet the cute baby herself. I was very happy for this new little family. This new mom had been a really good friend to my daughter when she had her stillborn daughter, Darcy. She came over with food and cried with Emily.

Modern baby quilt 005 reAnd when Zara was born, she came and celebrated with Emily. Plus, I think she gave Zara 17,000 cute outfits. At least!

Here is the back, that fabric really worked out well.

At the time I bought it, I think it had all the shades of the Kona solids. It is a really good match with the front.

I loved making this modern quilt and I would like to make another one but maybe put more white in-between the blocks to give a bit more of a float.

But this quilt is just a perfect size for a baby to lay on and do her baby job of just being a cutie. Modern baby quilt 006 re

Here is one more glimpse of the quilt. I wanted to get an artistic shot in the snow but you know what? It’s too cold out there to take pictures!

New babies and their quilts make me sew happy!

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