Modern big pieces of fabric quilt part two

I finished, yes I did. And my right arm still functions. When I last wrote about the Modern Big Pieces of Fabric quilt it was just a lonely top. You can read that post here if you missed it. Next I had to even it up, which went well, and put it on the longarm. That is where Modern big pieces of fabric quilt part two will begin.

big 2 re 1This was a nice flat and straight quilt to deal with. I put the backing on both rollers and I float both the batting and the top. I know floating the top is not the way you are “supposed” to do it but I took a class once and that is how she did it and I have had tremendous luck with that method, big 2 re 3no lumps or wrinkles at the end.

I was very undecided how to quilt it, I always am until I get the quilt up on Gladys. (The name of my Longarm is Gladys. It’s a long story, you can read it here.)

At any rate, Gladys is a pragmatist and she said, do horizontal quilting. It’s a quick and easy modern quilt, the quilting should be also.

Personally I think Gladys might just be proud of her horizontal lock but we went with her idea.

big 2 re 4In just a couple of days of quilting after babysitting or teaching, the top was all quilted, trimmed and off the machine.

Next came the binding. I have used different methods of binding throughout the past 30 years. Currently I am a fan of continuous seam bindingbig 2 re 5 which I did here. I will not get into the details but will do a whole post on binding. Soon! Let me just say I did this by hand so it took almost a week. By machine, it would have been a few hours.

Here is the finished quilt – big and bold, a truly modern quilt!

Because the front was so bold with big ole pieces of fabric, I made the back just plain fabric.

Boring, I know! If you want to see more dramatic quilt backs you can click here.

Plus, heck I had purchased four yards of the backing fabric.

big 2 re 6I told you, ho hum.

But the front is super fun and now I get to use it on the chairs.

I am currently in the process of folding and refolding it plus trying it on different chairs and in different ways to see what this quilt’s final destiny is. Or maybe a dynamic always changing future awaits it!

That would probably be best for the quilt, to be always folded differently because depending on how you fold and place it, it looks like a different quilt. And the quilt won’t wear at the fold lines.

Big 2 re 8Big 2 re 9And there are many ways to fold and display it.

Plus when the temperature dips below zero? It will be displayed on top of me while I sleep. These chairs are right next to our bedroom and I can scurry out and grab it after I have already used the quilt at the foot of the bed.

Modern quilt that I finished quickly and will keep me warm?

Now that makes me Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about a modern quilt? Oh no, read about a green one or a blue one.

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