Don't go blind and have awesome eyelashes

When I was in about 3rd grade I fell behind in hand writing and math. To this day, I am not proud of my handwriting and my knowledge of the times tables is weak. I was a dreamer and a reader so it didn’t really bother me but I marveled how other kids were able to follow what was going on. Did I mention I was tall? (Still am.) This figures in the story because in the 1950’s we were arranged alphabetically or by height. Being tall, I was nearly always in the back row.

At the end of 4th grade I flunked the vision test and got glasses. Whoa! I had no idea that the other kids could see the board from their seats! Guess I won’t have to do all the math in my head, I can watch the teacher do it. Truth be told, I never did quite catch up on handwriting or math. (And I still have lousy vision.)45 re

During this same time we used to visit my mother’s aunt in a nursing home when we would go to Alton. My Aunt Catherine had a host of medical problems after being hit by a drunk driver and one of them was glaucoma. She went blind during this time and it really scared me. My Mom would always say glaucoma runs in our family.

Throughout High School and college or what I call “the contact lens years” I didn’t worry a lot about it but I would put in on my medical history. I was much more worried about the adage, “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

After a while, contacts just got to be too much of a pain and I celebrated glasses. I have corrective swim goggles, prescription sun glasses, single vision and bifocal glasses.

And I always have the pressure in my eye checked. It went from “fine” to” let’s keep an eye on it” to “high pressure” and quickly an official diagnosis of “glaucoma.” And it didn’t take that long. Waiting a year in-between check ups didn’t work out so well because I did lose some vision last year.eyes re 1

This fall I started on glaucoma drops. The ones I took are called Lumigan and the side effect of this drug is that your eye lashes grow like wild weeds. eye re 2And curl.  There is even a cosmetic (think major bucks) which utilizes it just to grow lashes. It’s called Latisse and is available by prescription.

Can you see how long my bottom lashes are?

And look how fabulous my lashes look when I bat my eyes at you!

But the best part of all? My eye pressure is fine now and no further loss of vision.eye re 3

Because quite frankly although my 16 year old self would have died for these lashes plus made up the eyes to maximize them, the 60 year old me isn’t at all vain. I just like to see.

And I will be able to, without any surgery and just darker irises and long lashes.

A side effect that isn’t awful plus works to keep my vision? Yes, please.

My message to you is to get your eye pressure checked. Keep an eye on it. Treat it if necessary. Don’t go blind and have awesome eyelashes !

Here’s looking at you kid!

Good vision so I can keep quilting and sewing? Now that makes me Sew happy!

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I’ve written before about the hilarity of growing older. Read one here.

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