10 reasons why Home cooking is best

My friend Erin over at Social Butterfly Mom cooked up a doozie of a “nice” project: Validate Thy Neighbor! #validatethyneighbor  Her partner in this endeavor is Jenna of High Gloss and Sauce.  It’s a blog event where the idea is you write an argument against your own beliefs in an effort to mend the gap between yourself and the blogger across the aisle.

Here’s why I am doing this with my talented buddy Kerri of Cancer is Not a Gift. ChicagoNow is trying to show that not only can we all disagree without being disagreeable, we can even see the other point of view. I am a restaurant junkie, Yelp elite reviewer and non cook. However I can not only understand but make the argument for the other side. Kerri is eloquently doing the opposite and you can read her post here. You should also check out her Facebook page, Cancer is Not a Gift with all kinds of great articles and food for thought!

Ready? Here I go, validating my neighbor!

I love handmade things and that includes cooking. We all have to eat and there are a variety of ways in which you can get that done. There is fast food, take out food, restaurants in every price range and there is making that food yourself. Hands down, home cooking is best. Want to know why? Fine, here are 10 reasons why Home cooking is best. home-cok

1. What goes in it – you can make sure your ingredients are fresh, organic or whatever else you would like it to be. No one is spitting in your food at home.

2. Allergies – how do you know for sure that there is no gluten, peanut oil or eggs in addition to all kinds of other allergans? Make it yourself.

3. Cost – What is the cheapest way to feed your family? Make it your self, better for you and your budget.

4. Preferences – Want to avoid meat? Hate lima beans? Prefer your pasta al dente? You can make it exactly how you and your loved ones want it.

5. Schedule – How about those nights when one person is leaving early for a game or practice and another has to work late? A crock pot meal or pot of soup can keep up with everyone’s time constraints.

6. Love – What foods from your childhood do you remember best? Bet it’s not a Happy Meal but a special dinner or cake made just for you.

7. Tradition – No restaurant is going to bake the same bread as Grandma or your Mom’s special brownies.

8. Portion control – No super sizing at home and then finishing that gigantic plateful. You can dole out the perfect size.home-cooking

9. Together time – Gathering around a kitchen table, discussing the day and even doing the dishes together creates family bonds.

10. Taste – If homemade wasn’t best why would restaurants not brag about a dish using that adjective. Home cooking just flat out tastes better.

Sew happy!

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Read Erin’s post here and Jenna’s right here. They started this great idea.

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