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Laura Ingalls Wilder was a quilter

Laura Ingalls Wilder lived decades before I was born but her books influenced me all my life. In second grade my mother began reading the series to me and I took over from there. It provided one of the peak moments of that year as I got to read the Little House in the Big... Read more »

Conquering of fear

Once a month ChicagoNow bloggers all write on the same topic for a blogapalooza. We all get one topic and have an hour to write about it. Tonight’s topic: “Write about fear, or lack thereof, and the role it has played in any aspect of your life.” Fear used to play too big a role... Read more »

It's Donna Day 2014 when you can make the difference

Here at ChicagoNow we support each other, read each other’s blogs and help each other out when it really matters. Today is one of those days when it really matters, it’s Donna Day 2014 when we all gather together to remember Donna, cherished daughter of Mary Tyler Mom.  Donna died at age 4 from pediatric... Read more »

Quilt books for Children

Chase, a 6 year old boy, is the hero of this story. It is cute and I think you could start reading it once a child is about two and won't rip the pages. The quilt is the other hero of the story plus imagination. I just bought this, no problem getting a copy.
This post just needs some dessert and it would be all of my favorite things rolled into one. Do I love quilts? YES! Do I love reading? YES! And do I love children, oh YES I do! But it all together and what do you have? Quilt books for Children, sigh of contentment. I love... Read more »

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts is Modern Quilt heaven until April 6th

This is the outside of the museum, housed in a barn from the 1850's. The outside doesn't prepare you for the majesty inside.
The minute I heard about this place I was itching to go.  As soon as I got the invitation to visit the Folk Art Exhibit at MAM, I knew this would be the perfect extension of the day. And it was, it was Modern Quilt heaven up here. Even my husband loved visiting this museum,... Read more »

Don't go blind and have awesome eyelashes

When I was in about 3rd grade I fell behind in hand writing and math. To this day, I am not proud of my handwriting and my knowledge of the times tables is weak. I was a dreamer and a reader so it didn’t really bother me but I marveled how other kids were able... Read more »

Quilts and the Underground Railroad in celebration of Black History month

Quilts have been in America since the beginning only most disappeared with use. Many of them were made of fabric that had already been used as clothing.  Once that quilt wore out, it was sometimes then used as the batting for a new quilt. Starting with the fact that fabric is very fragile to begin... Read more »

DIY Fast and easy Pillow tutorial

Pillows are sew easy to make. Plus, it is the one time I think sewing is cheaper. When I bought my new chairs they had these super cute grey wool pillows in the chairs which cost over one hundred dollars. Each. The chairs were only a bit more than twice that. Yikes! I kept that... Read more »

Folk Art Exhibit at MAM - an artistic escape from the Cold

I love it when there's a big introductory mural to get you in the mood for the exhibit.
My husband and I love road trips and whenever we visit a new place, we adore checking out new museums. Hence when I received an email inviting me to visit the Uncommon Folk, Traditions of American Art exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum, I was extremely receptive. Chance to see an exhibit with quilts in... Read more »

How to bind a quilt by machine or hand

You’ve cut out the fabric and pieced it all. Whew, that was a lot of work. Now the top is finished. You’ve made the back and joined it with the batting. The quilting is all finished. What a wonderful feeling and now you only have to bind it. There are many different ways to bind... Read more »
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