Wuthering Heights Book Club

When I was in school, I read on my own for pleasure but I also read what teachers and professors assigned me. This combination allowed me to read what I wanted but also to stretch my mind while I read novels I might not have ever chosen on my own. I decided to revive this dual reading habit by creating the 3 Classics in One Year Book club. Surprisingly, we read 3 classics a year. This past Sunday was our 12th book and was a Wuthering Heights Book Club.

wh re 1I had a copy on my book shelf, price 45 cents. Font? Way too small. Luckily, it was free on Kindle so that’s where I read it. What a wild and crazy read!wh re 2

I decided to order some fabric from Spoonflower which featured a silhouette of Emily Bronte superimposed over text from the novel.  I have lusted over their fabric choices for quite a while.

I received the fabric on Friday and made 6 napkins plus a cover for my kitchen island. I was very unimpressed with the quality of the fabric. It is not the kind of quality I use in my normal sewing and it carries for a very expensive price.  I would not order from them again.

wh re 3I had a hearty tea theme for the discussion food. The napkins look pretty but the fabric is super thin.

I made chicken soup, yes, me! I cooked. I put it in a soup tureen that was my Mother’s and added cheese and crackers on top of the table covering. wh re 5

Interested in that chicken soup recipe? You can download it from here! It’s easy but the right noodles are what make the dish. Don’t worry, I even included a picture of them in the pdf.

Everyone else brought the desserts and I forgot to take a picture of them. I wish I had gotten a snap of the toffee cake my daughter made. I think I will ask her to make it for my birthday, it was that good.

I love sewing for these book clubs and I love planning the theme. I do not create my own questions, I find them on line. I found not just one but two sets for this book but we didn’t really need them, we were dying to talk about all the various crazy events in this novel.

First choose book and theme. Then do sewing. Get together and eat, drink and talk.

What kind of tea did we drink at our book discussion tea?wh re 7 Delicious tea! Wonderful tea!

wh re 4Tea named after the book and the author plus her sister! Aren’t those great? You can order them from Adagio Tea.

My husband ordered them for me for Christmas plus extras for me to give a door prizes!

Did you see the sugar cubes and tongs? I adore sugar cubes and you can’t find them. I had them on my wish list from Amazon and my oldest daughter got them for me for Christmas as well.

Great books, wonderful people to read them with plus food that people bring or give me as presents? I am sew lucky!

Sew happy!

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