Vintage Sewing Valentines

I love sending and receiving Valentine cards. Plus, I am quite the fan of vintage toys, cards and quilts. On a lark, I googled Vintage Sewing Valentines and stumbled on some fantastic ones, I just love them all. If you do also, you can actually buy some of them. Many of the ones I found are still available on ebay. Others are for sale (or were) on Etsy.  In addition, Barbara Crews scanned hers and discusses them in this article. These were sew fun to look at that I made them into a gallery for you to enjoy also.

After all this research on Vintage Sewing Valentines, I am thinking I might need to buy some of these. Enjoy the gallery!

Sew happy!

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Here’s a post about Valentine’s day from last year. And how about a post on vintage handmade toys?

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