Ugly US Olympic Uniforms - I got you beat

The internet was abuzz with the unveiling of the Ugly US Olympic Uniforms. There was outrage, ranting and rampant criticism. I squirmed a bit. I could remember all too well when I wore these sweaters and no one was forcing me to, I wasn’t on any team. Nope, I just loved decorative sweaters, I did. I taught French and my bulletin boards were reserved for my cultural posters. I had to be the holiday decorations and honey, I was. People I knew then still call me to see if they can borrow those sweaters. For ugly sweater events.  Sadly, I didn’t realize the treasure I owned and gave them to Goodwill years ago.

However just enough photographic proof remains to not protect the guilty. Flip through the photos and see if you don’t agree that I’ve outdone Ralph Lauren and then some.

Yep, Ugly US Olympic Uniforms – I got you beat.

Sew happy!

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