Stocking up at the Fabric Store

I love to go to quilt stores. I walk in and the fabrics are all winking at me, throwing me kisses and twinkling with the possibility of a great project. I walk around slowly and get the lay of the land, sometimes hugging a bolt that just screams out my name. I buy all kinds of things. Sometimes I get the fabric for a whole project, other times a random yard or two and every once in a while a kit. I allow myself the luxury of choice and possibility.

Other visits are what I call “Stocking up at the fabric store.” This is a visit that isn’t about delicious new projects but the basics of sewing. During the first blast of the Polar Vortex I used up all my heavy dutystock re 1 Pellon and all my iron on batting. Before that cold blast I depleted my supply of elastic and Velcro. It was time to lay in some supplies. I steeled myself for a trip to a chain fabric store.

Of course there was a line if you wanted yardage cut. A huge line, under the harsh lights and harsher smell of heavy duty sizing. But there were bargains to be had and I noticed that if you bought the entire bolt, Pellon interfacing was 50% off. That’s half off. Sold! I grabbed a bolt of each.

stock re 3Maybe this trip would go faster than I thought. I am such a kidder.

On my way to the bathroom, I spied the elastic. Of course I am visiting the bathroom. I am of that exciting age where I know where they are in every store plus I just had about 3 gallons of coffee at breakfast. I had suggested a restaurant near the fabric store so my husband could drop me off while I ran in for a “few” things.

On the way back to my cart, I found the velcro, yay!

I thought of the bibs I’ve been making, better get some more snaps and make this trip last at least 6 months. I looked around a bit to see if there was any other necessity I was lacking.

Uh oh, make that 5 gallons of coffee, better hit the ladies room one more time and look here, pillows. If I get my next 4 projects done, I will want some pillow forms to make some stock re 2nifty throw pillows. I will put them in the chair next to the chair where I will put the new quilt that I am just about to make. Did you follow that? I will get them all done if I ever get out of this store.

I am sashaying my way to the register when it all falls apart. I see gold satin. I am going to be having a book club for the Great Gatsby in May, I have even ordered the black napkins and tablecloth. Wouldn’t a long skinny table runner of gold look great?


I grab the bolt and get number 54. They are on 42. I play on my phone and I have only gotten one text from my husband wondering where I am when my number is called. I cheerfully toss my bolt on the counter and ask for 3 yards. The clerk begins to unroll the bolt. Not a single piece over 2 yards and there are at least ten of those. I am speechless but run back and grab a different sort of gold and come back, tossing 2 rolls of black ribbon and 2 of gold in cart. I get my three yards and head to the register.

Where there’s a… huge line. By now the text messages are a bit more terse from the love of my life. But eventually it’s my turn to pay and I lay my stock re 4coupons down with a flourish. Two are expired and one isn’t good yet. But amazingly enough one works as does my VIP card for 10% off.

I stagger out, 153.24 dollars later, a shell of my former self. And when I get home, one of the rolls of black ribbon is missing.

Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about shopping at chain fabric stores? No, there are two more, a cranky one and a happy one.

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