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DIY Market Bag Tutorial Part Two

You are ready for DIY Market Bag Tutorial Part Two, yes? If you missed part one, click here.  This is where we make the lining. If you’ve ever lined clothing or a bag you know that the lining is just about as much work, it’s a replica of the outside. It just fits inside and... Read more »

DIY Market bag tutorial - Part One of Ugly fabric challenge

I love making bags so it was a natural choice when my Modern Quilt Guild had an ugly fabric challenge. I looked at the fabric and knew I didn’t want anything in my home with those colors. But in the summer I go to the Farmers’ Market every Sunday, I even wrote a post about.... Read more »

14 Coats needed to survive a Chicago winter

This is the coat that experts tell you is all you will need. I laugh at these experts but she does look good in that coat. I've never seen anyone on the streets looking that good but darn it, she is warm and gorgeous. But you need way more coats than this one.
Chicago has a rich history, great literature, fabulous restaurants and really lousy winters. Now before you start telling me about last winter, I will allow for the occasional exception. But overall, the winters here are crazy bad. It doesn’t particularly bother me, I am used to it having spent every winter of my life here.... Read more »

DIY Doll Cradle bedding tutorial

My Granddaughter is one year old and the proud owner of a couple of baby dolls. Well, proud might be pushing it. She tolerates them. Her Dad was using the tag blanket to cover up her babies when a light went off in my head. Didn’t Emily have a cradle that we had kept? I... Read more »

Wuthering Heights Book Club

When I was in school, I read on my own for pleasure but I also read what teachers and professors assigned me. This combination allowed me to read what I wanted but also to stretch my mind while I read novels I might not have ever chosen on my own. I decided to revive this... Read more »

Sewing room upgrade

Here's my old set up with the machine on an antique kitchen table.
I have been sewing since I was 12 and lived with my parents. I sewed on the kitchen table or on an old kitchen table in our family room. When my older sister moved out, my Mom made her room into a sewing room and she didn’t know how to sew, that how much my... Read more »

DIY - Fabric alphabet toy letters done

Here they are, all 26 of them. Yes, I know they did take a while. I took a break. A long break!
I did a tutorial on how to make these DIY – Fabric alphabet toy letters in June. June! I had about 4 letters done and I promised that I would post when the rest were complete. I was pretty sure this would be a matter of weeks. Or months! However, these letters were worth the... Read more »

I love Chicago and Chicagoland

Oprah, Vince Vaughn, Michael Jordan and even Al Capone are all associated with Chicago, yet none grew up in the city limits.  That’s because although the city of Chicago has definite boundaries, in the eyes of many the concept of “Chicago” is part of a much larger area better known as Chicagoland. And I, for... Read more »

DIY Super easy Dish towel tutorial

I made these tea towels or dish towels in the past and I decided I wanted to make more.
I have previously written about the table runners I made for my condo neighbors. I decided I wanted to put a little something with it. As you know, I “collect” many fabrics in my sewing room and one aspect of that collection is towels to decorate. Do you call them tea towels or dish towels?... Read more »

DIY Tag blanket for baby tutorial

I keep a list of projects I want to sew next to my bed. It’s not because I will forget them because I am forgetful, it’s so I have the satisfaction of checking them off when they’re done. Fine, maybe I am a little big forgetful. What is the post about? Oh yes, sewing projects... Read more »