How to make a heart quilt

I have made sew many heart quilts in my life that I don’t even think I have pictures of all of them. I loved a particular pattern so much that I made it over and over again. It’s a traditional pieced heart that you can download by clicking here. (I just corrected the pattern at 8:45 am 1/29/14 so if you downloaded it before that, the three background strips are 2.5 inches wide. Better download again!) I got the pattern 30 years ago from my dear quilting friend Laurie Johnston and I just retyped it for this blog. I love it so much that I want to spread it around.

Before you learn how to make a heart quilt, you should see some finished ones from this pattern. The very last quilt is arranged vertically so you can see the layout I always use for piecing these quilts. It makes the drawing on the pdf pattern more clear.

If you start today, I bet you could finish one by Valentine’s day, any Valentine’s day! Enjoy!

Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about heart quilts? Here’s a different kind of heart quilt.

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