How to get a longarm up a spiral staircase - a tutorial

I bought myself a retirement gift in the spring of 2010, a Longarm to celebrate 35 years of teaching in Illinois Public schools. And I didn’t fool around, I got the 14 foot wide one because I had just finished hand quilting my daughter’s king sized wedding quilt. It was 3 years late and I vowed the last King sized quilt I would hand quilt, hence the 14 foot wide.

There was only one issue and it’s a small one. My sewing room is in a loft with a spiral staircase to get there. Plus this sewing room is located in a second floor condo. Impossible you say? Ha, I say! I am here to tell you how to get a longarm up a spiral staircase.

Materials needed:ss re 2

1 understanding husband

1 good sport muscular son in law

1 adventurous delivery man

several blankets

1 sewing room with area ready for longarm

Step One:

Unload all pieces of said machine onto the front lawn.

Station one guy in lawn, one on balcony and one in living room.

Banish quilter from watching the process so she won’t shriek or pass re 3

Step Two:

Hurry and clear furniture away from balcony door.

Step Three:

Pass each piece from lawn up to guy on balcony, passing over railing on blanket.

Slide to guy in living room. Put in piles. Avoid dropping. Some swearing allowed.

Bring the small stuff up the stairs.

Step four:

Clear everything away from loft railing.

Move living room furniture away from area under railing.

Station two guys in living room, one up in sewing room.

Lift each piece up to loft railing and slide over railing on re 4

Avoid hitting walls or random pieces of furniture.

Step five:

ss re 5Carry all the small pieces up the spiral staircase and assemble longarm in the sewing room. (This was the job of the delivery/assembler guy.)

If you ever sell the condo, make sure the people understand it includes a longarm sewing machine in loft.

True story with a happy ending.

Sew happy!

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