From a Loving Grandma

My massage therapist, Krystal, greeted me with a query at my last visit. “Did you drop off a quilt at the hospital for my daughter?” From the confused look on my face, she knew it was not me so she told me the whole story.

Her oldest child, Ellie, went down one day with a nap and woke up not right, not right at all. After doctor visits and tests, sweet Ellie was diagnosed with brain cancer. She has had numerous treatments and procedures, including chemotherapy to fight the tumor in her brain. Thankfully, Ellie has survived but also has had to work and struggle to learn to reconnect her brain to what she wants to do. It has been a tremendous challenge for the whole family. Her story has been featured in some local newspapers and an article appeared recently.

Read the article here. You might have to search Ellie Wilson in the upper left hand search box of the site if the article doesn’t pop up.

loving grandma resizedAfter the article ran, the hospital received a package for Ellie with a note. The note was signed, From a Loving Grandma. Inside the package was a quilt for Ellie and a toy for her younger brother.

Krystal was so very touched and thought it might have been me.

It was not.

I wish I was as generous and caring as this Grandma was. loving grandma resized 2

Not only was she moved by Ellie’s story in the newspaper but she made her a quilt and gave it to her anonymously.

It brings tears to my eyes to think not only of Ellie and her family, but the sheer unadulterated goodness in this quilter.

I have often thought the anonymous act of kindness was the purest kind and now I am convinced.

I hope some day I can be that loving Grandma.

In the meantime, I am sending love not only to Ellie and her family but to all the wonderful, giving quilters out there. I am so proud to be in your ranks.

Sew happy!

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