14 Coats needed to survive a Chicago winter

Chicago has a rich history, great literature, fabulous restaurants and really lousy winters. Now before you start telling me about last winter, I will allow for the occasional exception. But overall, the winters here are crazy bad. It doesn’t particularly bother me, I am used to it having spent every winter of my life here. I teach inside, I swim indoors, I live in a condo with outside maintenance and I love to quilt and sew in my cozy sewing room so I am pretty lucky. I used to do bus duty in all kinds of weather and that gave me deep amounts of empathy for those who work outside.

Naturally I do go outside in the winter and the way I deal with it is that I have all 14 coats needed to survive a Chicago winter. And by winter, I mean September through May. Yes, you read that right 14 coats.  Having the right coat makes it all possible for me and it’s taken me years to amass this uber stylish collection.

Take a look at the pics and don’t hate me for my up-to-date fashion ways.

Sew happy!

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Feeling irritated that I talk about Chicago when I live in the burbs? Read this post, have a nice beverage and feel better.

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