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Modern big pieces of fabric quilt - tutorial part one

It’s been cold here in the Chicago area nearly the whole month of January. I take that back. It’s been cold, really cold and frigid. At night I sleep with two extra quilts on me. Yes, two! I have an extra one all ready for cold nights at the bottom of my bed. The second... Read more »

Gladys from The Skin of our Teeth

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza, we all get an assignment and an hour to write about it. Here’s tonight’s assignment. Write about a character or scene in a movie or book that affected you in some way. I have so many choices, I think that books, plays and movies have affected me all of my... Read more »

How to make a heart quilt

This is the latest heart quilt I've made, it is a baby quilt for my granddaughter. I was shocked when Emily wanted yellow and grey and now I just love it.
I have made sew many heart quilts in my life that I don’t even think I have pictures of all of them. I loved a particular pattern so much that I made it over and over again. It’s a traditional pieced heart that you can download by clicking here. (I just corrected the pattern at... Read more »

Stocking up at the Fabric Store

I love to go to quilt stores. I walk in and the fabrics are all winking at me, throwing me kisses and twinkling with the possibility of a great project. I walk around slowly and get the lay of the land, sometimes hugging a bolt that just screams out my name. I buy all kinds... Read more »

Ugly US Olympic Uniforms - I got you beat

Here they are on the Today show. Yeah, they're ugly and they all match. But I lived through this stage already. I understand.
The internet was abuzz with the unveiling of the Ugly US Olympic Uniforms. There was outrage, ranting and rampant criticism. I squirmed a bit. I could remember all too well when I wore these sweaters and no one was forcing me to, I wasn’t on any team. Nope, I just loved decorative sweaters, I did.... Read more »

From a Loving Grandma

My massage therapist, Krystal, greeted me with a query at my last visit. “Did you drop off a quilt at the hospital for my daughter?” From the confused look on my face, she knew it was not me so she told me the whole story. Her oldest child, Ellie, went down one day with a... Read more »

How to sew on a button

A few years ago my youngest daughter told me she didn’t know how to sew on a button. It was like she was telling me she didn’t know how to breathe. I learned how in Camp Fire Girls and in Home Ec class. I thought everyone just some knew. I was wrong. I taught my... Read more »

Book review and giveaway

I try every now and then to write amusing things here in my blog. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but what the heck, I keep trying! Apparently, I have at least one fan, Cheri Hage, who contacted me recently. Yay for fans! In addition to being a fan, she is also an author. She... Read more »

Vintage Sewing Valentines

Could there be a cute sewing Valentine?
I love sending and receiving Valentine cards. Plus, I am quite the fan of vintage toys, cards and quilts. On a lark, I googled Vintage Sewing Valentines and stumbled on some fantastic ones, I just love them all. If you do also, you can actually buy some of them. Many of the ones I found... Read more »

How to get a longarm up a spiral staircase - a tutorial

I bought myself a retirement gift in the spring of 2010, a Longarm to celebrate 35 years of teaching in Illinois Public schools. And I didn’t fool around, I got the 14 foot wide one because I had just finished hand quilting my daughter’s king sized wedding quilt. It was 3 years late and I... Read more »
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