Sewing a little girl's Christmas dress

I loved writing the title of this post, Sewing a little girl’s Christmas dress. It makes me smile and a total feeling of pleasure. I love little girls, I was one and I raised two. I got to sew clothes for them but it seemed like I was so darn product oriented then as my life was so busy. I am getting the most delicious experience of life right now, a chance to do once more that which I loved about my past.

xdre1I bought the fabric for Zara’s Christmas dress in July when we were in Indianapolis, that’s how long I’ve been savoring and anticipating this experience.xdre2

However I was apparently so excited that I didn’t notice the pattern was for sizes 3 to 5. That will be one big dress for her! So I went with the birthday dress pattern which I love and fit her well.

xdre4As I had already made it once and tweaked it to make it a lined dress, I knew just what to do.

I decided to make the straps fixed as when she crawled in the bday dress she pulled the tied straps right out of the button hole. I also sewed the two skirt parts together at the hem before I sewed them onto the bodice. xdre5

This cute little dress sews up in about an hour. Probably the only tedious part is putting in the basting stitches at the top.

As the fabric is doubled, I had to really pull on those threads carefully so that none would break. I did a double line of basting just in case.

xdre6It turned out really cute!

Of course I had to make a matching bib. Or two. xdre7

We had the whole group there for breakfast with Santa and Zara looked quite fetching.

We were anticipating that her reaction to Santa might not be so welcoming and we were right. He was wearing gloves which freak her out.

xdress reWe all got a turn calming her down after the experience with the jolly old elf.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing her in a dress I had made at breakfast with Santa. Sigh of yelp

If that wasn’t enough happiness, Z got to pop into a Yelp event and had her first taste of chocolate at the Yelp Holiday event. She wore the dress on the reverse side and a bib!

Sew happy!

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