Quilting Sewing Creating Guest and top posts of 2013

2013 is over and but of course it’s not forgotten. No way, we’ve got to see what went on last year and since I am a blogger you KNOW that will include a look back at what I wrote and why. Well, I will probably be able to tell you what, the why could be trickier. Let’s do it, let’s look over the Quilting Sewing Creating Guest and top posts of 2013.

As it turns out, I was blogging about a lot more than quilting sewing and creating but I did a fair amount of that on other blogs. I love doing guest blogs where I can have a different slant or idea.guest-blogging1

  1. First guest blog was about my divorce or more specifically how it was to parent as a single parent for It builds Character. I am not sure I got any new readers from it but I got a new blogging buddy, we even exchanged Christmas cards!
  2. Next guest blog I probed even deeper into writing about myself and the deep stuff. This post was called Forgetting to Grieve for Mary Tyler Mom’s blog here on ChicagoNow. She is not only supremely talented but  has wonderful readers many who have experienced profound losses.
  3. Following guest post was back to my teaching roots for my good pal, Shannan. She writes Tween Us which is a hugely popular blog on ChicagoNow and if you’ve ever parented a tween, you know you need help during that time!
  4. Then a heavy guest post. This is one about my ex-husband’s drinking that I wrote for I want a Dumpster Baby who celebrates her sobriety and her twins with humor and gratitude every day. Plus, she’s a hoot and did I mention she’s a knockout. And no, surprisingly I don’t hate her for being so nearly perfect.
  5. The saucy post. Yes, I did, I wrote one that even had a swear word in it. Moms Who Drink and Swear needed some guest bloggers for a month off for family issues only she wanted us to let our freak flag fly. It’s a tiny bit naughty cause it’s that kind of a blog and beyond popular.
  6. A serious and personal post. My last guest post of the year was for Portrait of Adoption who not only writes a very successful blog but books and is on TV and tons of other cool things like that. In fact I’ve noticed that all the ChicagoNow blogs which let me guest post are super successful with huge numbers and great followings. Plus, they are obviously wonderful women who were kind and generous to me.

At this point you may be thinking hey, did you write on your OWN blog lady? Yes, in fact I did, about 250 times in ’13. Oh did you want to know which were the ten more popular blogs I wrote? Well there they are.

  • Gift ideas for the Quilter or Sewer in Your Life I wrote in 2012 but it’s my tenth highest blog of this year. I know, it surprised me also! (5,004)index
  • Top Ten Things you will Never Hear a Quilter say got shared quite a bit by quilters and so it is my 9th most popular blog. Have you noticed no blogs about actually sewing or quilting yet? (5,025)
  • Auburn’s Sideline Sewing was one of my favorite blogs to write because I did an interview, yay me, and it’s my number 8 most popular. (5,140)
  • How to Make Burp Cloths is my number 7 and actually is about sewing something. I wrote it last year but lots of babies must have been spitting up this year as well. (5,476)
  • Kids Should Take a Sewing Class was supposed to be a guest post but I liked it so much I published it myself and I am glad I did, it’s number 6! (5,904)
  • Teacher Gift Ideas was another post which gifted me. People must really be stymied for gift ideas. It’s number 5. (5,951)
  • Only a Teacher was probably my most passionate post is is my 4th most popular. I love it so much I wish it were higher! (6,839)
  • Super Easy Halloween Costumes with no Sewing was my 3rd and it shocked me. I guess people go to a sewing blog when they don’t want to sew? (7,058)
  • Glad I was Never Hot Babe really brought out the trolls. I got some super nasty comments which turned my initial pleasure to dismay. I did learn how to moderate comments after this. (12, 123)
  • Don’t Die of Ovarian Cancer was my most popular blog because I got so much help. Dozens of ChicagoNow bloggers shared it and it was even on the home page of the Chicago Tribune. I even had some fabric references in it so it is near and dear to my heart. (17,295)

There you have it, 6 guest blogs and the 10 most popular and only one tells you how to sew something. And really nothing about quilts! But my most loyal readers are the gorgeous quilters out there, the sewers who read me and cheer me on every day.

You quilters and subscribers are my guests on a daily basis and my most popular readers.  Thank you for all your support in 2013, reading about my quilts and projects and letting me meander a bit to other subjects. You inspire me more than you will ever know and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Can’t wait to see what happens in 2014 but I bet no matter what it is, it will make me SEW happy.

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