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Quilting Sewing Creating Guest and top posts of 2013

2013 is over and but of course it’s not forgotten. No way, we’ve got to see what went on last year and since I am a blogger you KNOW that will include a look back at what I wrote and why. Well, I will probably be able to tell you what, the why could be... Read more »

Should Old Acquaintances be forgot?

Women friends, amigas or amies.  No matter what language you use a female and her friends is an important topic, an integral part of her life and the subject of many a movie, TV show and novel. But what about the friendships of the past, the ones that no longer function or have drifted away.... Read more »

Presents that make quilters happy

I adore these little cleaning cloths. I have them all in place and when I am using them, I see the quilt pattern, perfect.
The gift giving holidays are officially over but who knows, your favorite quilter might have a birthday in 2014. Wouldn’t you like to know the presents that make quilters happy? I thought so! I polled my readers and here is what they said knocked their socks off this year.  A small sewing machine – just... Read more »

Junior Colleges deserve respect

I went to a four year college, University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois. I had a ball. I got to live in a dorm, be in a sorority, spend my Junior year abroad in Spain, take a tailoring class and try a year of apartment living. Oh yeah, I also got a college degree and... Read more »

Modern Green City Quilt

I really enjoy clean and simple lines in a quilt lately.  I  wrote about my nifty  Modern Blue City Quilt, from the book City Quilts by Cherri House. I loved the blue one so much that  I wanted to make at least one more quilt from this book and I knew just where I wanted... Read more »

What is a fat quarter?

When I taught we threw around all kinds of acronyms and most of the time, I knew what they stood for. Since I retired, they have added new ones so every once in a while, I stop my daughter and say, what does that mean? Lingo is part of any group, workplace or hobby. On... Read more »

12 months of bibs

Bibs for December can be almost any festive print. An easy way to make them fun is to just cut across, sew in a strip and trim to the original shape. As Z didn't have a milestone bib for December I thought I would just start with fun Christmas bibs.
I don’t know if you have heard me mention it but I have a baby granddaughter? Oh, you’ve read one or 57 references to her? Fine, I am guilty as charged, I do love her and write about her. I also make her bibs. I’ve been making her one each month to mark her new... Read more »

A Seat at the Bar, with Anne Tyler

ChicagoNow is encouraging a blog post about an imaginary encounter with an author whose work has influenced mine and to have a drink with her.  This is pretty cool because I have long yearned to sit down with Anne Tyler, have some lunch and profess my love for her and her writing without fear of... Read more »

New Year's Eve at the Urgent Care

I am not a huge NYE gal, sparkles and Times Square have never been a part of my celebration. For a long time, having a slumber party for my girls was my favorite thing to do. I always wondered, what would it be like to go to downtown Chicago? And finally the year came. All... Read more »

Sewing a little girl's Christmas dress

I loved writing the title of this post, Sewing a little girl’s Christmas dress. It makes me smile and a total feeling of pleasure. I love little girls, I was one and I raised two. I got to sew clothes for them but it seemed like I was so darn product oriented then as my... Read more »
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