Modern Green City Quilt

I really enjoy clean and simple lines in a quilt lately.  I  wrote about my nifty  Modern Blue City Quilt, from the book City Quilts by Cherri House. I loved the blue one so much that  I wanted to make at least one more quilt from this book and I knew just where I wanted to put it. The quilt above our bed seemed tired and flat, I needed something with more wow. Thus began the making of the  Modern Green City Quilt and if it’s possible I love it even more than the blue one.

mgqr1Here is the page which spoke to me. I made the size different which was super easy as there are so many small squares. I also did all the dark borders and strips in brown. I loved the green so I bought all kinds of green. It was kindof fun to have a green solid quest in quilt stores but it was largely unsuccessful. I ordered most of my solids on line.

This was in the spring of 2012 and I’ve noticed more and more solids every time I go to quilt stores. However you know what will happen don’t you? Once they are fully stocked, people will move on to something else. mgqre2It must be hard to own a quilt shop!

I did not cut squares, I cut strips and sewed a brown strip to each green strip. I had 16 different greens and once they all had a brown strip along the side, I cut them in half.

mgqre4I then joined each half strip with another half strip.

I was doing this to cut down on my sewing time while still keeping a good mix, variety and repeat.

I cut each strip into a unit of two squares and two brown strips.

I joined two of those together to make a 4 square unit.

That made it easier to make each long strip as I had less pieces to juggle.mgqre8

mgqre9As I created a long strip, I added a brown strip below and started joining those strips to create the quilt.

You can see why this took a while. You can also see my pile of leftover green fabrics on the right. I still have that pile. I will, repeat, will find another project which requires a lot of green solids.

You can see how this is coming together, yes?mgqre10

Once I got it all together I loaded it on my Longarm and threaded it with brown thread. I stitched in the ditch around every single brown strip. That was a lot of stitching in the ditch.  I had other projects I was sewing so I would quilt for a while, sew for a while.

mgqre12Then I threaded the machine with green and rolled it up again.

I used a template to create a circle in each 2nd and 3rd row.

In each 1st and 4th row I did a really small bubble. That took a long time.  A really long time. I was going to do all the green squares that way but after I did one row I thought, no way.

I like the varied pattern much better not to mention it cut the quilting time down.

This quilt is very heavily quilted in my opinion. But I was thrilled with the result.

I hung it above our bed and I was even more thrilled. I haven’t made a 3rd quilt from this book but writing this blog makes me want to.


Sew happy with this quilt and if I start a third one, you will be the first to know.

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If you want to see it in my bedroom along with some other green quilts, click here.

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