Young or old the results are often the same

There are many things which change as you grow old, like wrinkles or empty nests. But it seems to me that life is much the same just for different reasons. You might think “Wait until I am out of college, married with kids, living in my own house, retired THEN this or this will occur.”  Maybe but maybe not. It might be for different causes but whether you are young or old the results are often the same.

1. Being tired. When you are young you are studying or partying and you don’t get enough sleep. When your kids are babies, they keep you up. When your kids are teens, worrying about them keeps you up. Your job keeps you up. Then you get old and you keep getting up to use the bathroom.  Will you ever get enough sleep? Nope.

2. Having no money. Who has enough money in college? I know I didn’t. First teaching job paid a whopping $8900.  Then came kids with day care, lessons and equipment needs. Plus they eat! Throw in college and you’re always broke. I’m retired now so my income is reduced. Will I ever have a bunch of money? Nope.public

3. Never enough time. I was a compulsive student, I didn’t have free time until finals were over and then I started my summer job. Once I started teaching there were always papers to grade, lessons to create and oh yeah, I coached. Along came kids and free time became an abstract concept. Now that I am 60 I am teaching part time and watching my granddaughter. Plus, I have to sew 17,000 items for her on a daily basis. Will I ever just sit and be? Probably not!

4. Being in really good shape. When I was young and had to take PE, I didn’t value it. Once I started working, I started thinking about working out. I joined gyms. I went. Sometimes. Kids kept me running to their activities. Now I swim twice a week and wonder,  do I really want to work out? Will I ever be in really good shape? Probably not. Was I ever? Yes, for 5 minutes in the 90’s.

5. Being in the know. In High School I was, well, quite the nerd. I did a lot of homework, went to drama practice and various other clubs. My transistor radio didn’t quite make me the grooviest girl around. In college, I spent my Jr. year abroad and missed streaking for goodness sake, streaking! Out of college, I was still listening to my music from the 70’s. The amount of time I would need to learn all the terms on Urban dictionary, watch all the reality shows and listen to all the sub genres of music is overwhelming and that doesn’t include celebrity gossip. Will I ever be the hip, plugged in gal? Never.

Does this mean I have not changed at all? Of course not. I’m a better quilter for one thing! I’ve learned some tricks in life, gained a bit of wisdom and some patience. I am also all for trying to improve yourself, getting an education, whiter teeth or a lower cholesterol. But my essence is still the same.

What I am is me. From 13 to 60, I am me. The body has changed but the inside person is still the same. I recommend we all just love ourselves NOW.  Quit waiting for that moment when you will be well rested, financially set, getting all your to do list done with a perfect bod and a cool quotient that is off the charts. Oh you can try, but just enjoy the trying and don’t make yourself crazy about the results. Because young or old the results are the same, which is wonderful. Those wonderful results are your life, isn’t it grand?

Sew happy!

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