Why I switched from sewing clothes to quilts

Have you ever had one of those moments in life when a decision was easy to make? When everything seemed really crystal clear and you knew exactly what was the right thing to do? No? Me either but I have made some decisions anyway and remember what prompted them. I can clearly remember why I switched from sewing clothes to quilts.

I started out making clothes and loved it. I learned how to quilt 16 years later when I turned 30 and for a while, I sewed both clothes and quilts.

As time went on, I sewed mainly clothes for my daughter Emily. My own body got a little, well, harder to fit and I no longer had to beg my Mom for clothes money.  Plus, I think clothing became cheaper. I think the last clothes I made were maternity dresses.

But I adored making things for Emily and when they are little, quite frankly, they don’t get a vote. I dressed her according to my tastes and she went along with it. Then she learned to talk. Why I taught her I have no idea.

She began to express her opinions about what she wanted to wear. I was slightly flabbergasted. Wasn’t she way too young? And hey, wasn’t she supposed to be my own doll to dress and undress? I guess not.

img424Slowly I began to just make her pajamas and party clothes. When she was in second grade I went all out. I strip pieced a quilted jacket, made a jumper with strip pieced top, blouse and matching pants. In teal and pink. The teal was corduroy. I can feel you taking Emily’s side in this.

In December of that year I was pretty excited that she would get to wear this outfit to my school district’s children’s Christmas party. I put the clothes out on Emily’s bed and went off to do something else.

As I came back down the hallway, I could hear my then husband hissing to her. “Your Mother worked really hard on this outfit. PUT. IT. ON.”

I couldn’t believe it, she didn’t adore my handmade creations?

Then we got to the party and they lined the kids up. Emily is the one in the super cute teal jumper, hiding the quilted front. I got all kinds of comments from the other Moms which is why she is not wearing the jacket. I was accused of making them look bad. Well, maybe not completely on purpose…


I decided that maybe it was just easier to make quilts. Which I did. img430I think Emily was pretty darn happy about that decision.

Her younger sister didn’t have to go through the handmade dresses stage of life, just appliqued sweatshirts.  I cannot understand why she doesn’t still wear them, too cool?

Oh, don’t worry I did still continue to make her pajamas.  She did not put her foot down about that until High School. True story. It was her gift to me!

Sew happy!

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