Why I didn't sew today

Today was a perfect day for sewing. I wasn’t teaching, babysitting or meeting anyone. My husband was going to be away all day. Yet, somehow it didn’t work out. Let me tell you why I didn’t sew today.

6:30 am – Alarm goes off, I am going to get up nice and early to do all that sewing. Let me just turn off the alarm….

8:15 am – Who turned the alarm off? Well, this isn’t too bad, I still have lots of time to sew.

8:20 am – I just need some breakfast, a good breakfast so I won’t have to stop for lunch. Let’s see now…

9:20 am – That was a darn fine breakfast, now I will just peruse the newspaper.aaatomorrow

10:00 am – OK, time to get serious.  First let me just check my email and Facebook.

11:00 am – Oh brother, quit fooling around.  And whoa girl, you need a shower.

12:00 pm – Hello? Oh hi Becca, well sure I can meet you for lunch, it’s been forever since we caught up.

2:30 pm – My goodness that Becca can sure talk. Up to the sewing room I go, right after I go through the mail. What’s this bill say? Yikes, I better call them right away.

3:00 pm – Good thing I was home to take care of that. I am going to just throw a load of wash in the washer. Oh wait, there is a load in the washer and the dryer. Better take care of those.

3:30 pm – Go sew!

3:31 – Finally get to sew, let’s take a look at that pattern…now the fabric.  What??? I only bought a half a yard, I need a yard and a half. I have to go buy more before it’s all gone.

5:00 – Oh thank goodness they had that fabric. And who knew there was a sale going on for holiday fabrics?

5:05 – Back up in the sewing room. Wait, I did buy a yard and a half. This place is so disorganized who can sew in here. I will just straighten a few things.

5:59 – There now that looks better. Finally, I can sew!

6:00 – Hi honey, I’m home.  How did the sewing go? Ready to go meet the Hendersons for dinner?

Arrggghhhhhhh.  I will try again tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow I am going to get all my projects done.

The possibility of sewing tomorrow makes me…wait for it…

Sew happy!

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