Quick and easy Christmas quilt

I’ve been collecting Christmas fabric for a quilt for Zara somewhat haphazardly with a fuzzy idea that I would make a quilt for her, someday. Wednesday night I thought, wait, I want to have a special gift for her first birthday. What is more special than a quilt? Nothing, duh! But her party is at the end of the month! No problem, that is why there are rotary cutters. Plus my Facebook readers encouraged me, even scoffing at the idea that November was late to start a Christmas quilt. Full of confidence (or craziness) I decided to cut strips and create an quick and easy Christmas quilt for her.  So I did!

cq0reI collected these Christmas fabrics this summer when I visited a quilt store in Michigan City and Lockport. I had 10 different fabrics, a few only a quarter yard wide. I had purchased the red and white strip for the back, there were 4 yards of that. I decided to cut strips from the 10 other fabrics and leave the red and white stripe for now. cq1re

I cut 3 strips from each fabric, one 2″ wide, one 2.5″ wide and the final one 3″ wide. This used up the quarter yard pieces and left me with possibilities for borders and backing.

I piled the strips near my design wall and just started putting them up, taking them down and seeing what I liked.

cq3reOnce I got one of each fabric on the design wall I started sewing the strips together. I was careful to start a new row of sewing at the end where I had finished the previous row.

Have you ever made the mistake of sewing strips together always sewing from the top and in the same direction? That’s a mistake I only made once as that piece had cq5rea mind of its own and I never could straighten it out without ripping out some stitching. I am warning you, don’t do what I did, vary the direction in which you stitch strips. Oh, you’ve made that mistake also? You’ve seen those strips all veer to the left or the right. Then we’ll move on.

I kept going until I had used up all 30 strips.

Yes, I am a little surprised I made it this big also.

When I started maybe I was thinking baby quilt but as I went along I decided lap quilt and not for a baby. For a child, heck a teenager. (Will Z ever be a teenager? Impossible!)

You can see that not all the strips are the same length. I didn’t do any evening or cutting, I just sewed the strips. But it is odd how the cq6rewidth of fabric varies so darn much. The longest fabric was the batik red and white.

I evened it up with my rotary cutter, I just would take a bit off the right, a bit off the left. Then I would fold it and see how the edges matched up and go to it again. It might not look like it but I took off quite a bit.

This lap quilt now needed a border. None of the fabrics I had used in the quilt looked quite right.

My eyes wandered over to the previously untouched red and white stripe. It looked like my answer and because it was so long, I could have side borders that weren’t pieced. I would worry about the back later. cq7re

Here she is! I ironed the fabrics, cut out all the strips, made bobbins and got ready on Wednesday night. I sewed most of the strips on Thursday night and finished them and the borders on Friday night.

As I write this, I still don’t have the back done. I am trying to come up with something fun that uses my extra fabrics and still leaves something for the binding.  I hope to have this quick and easy Christmas quilt on Gladys by tomorrow!

I will post again when it’s done. I have never done a quilt entirely made of strips before. It is sure fast and pretty fun! Not every quilt I make is an heirloom or show winner. I just like to keep my family warm and me sewing.

Plus finishing a Christmas quilt in just a week or two, now that makes me Sew Happy!

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