Perfect presents to give quilters and sewers

Giving presents can be tricky. You want to give the right gift and if the person you want to please is a quilter or sewer, I am here to help you. The trick is to know what level of interest and skill this marvelous person is. If you know that I can help you find the perfect presents to give quilters and sewers.

Absolute beginner – Just wants to start quilting or sewing.  This was my step daughter two years ago.  This is the easiest because you don’t have to worry that they already have what you are thinking about buying. We got her the following gifts and she loved them all.

  • Bernette sewing machine – Bernina’s most budget friendly model is the Seville, perfect for a beginner.
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler. We got a set from Joann Fabrics and even used a coupon.
  • Seam ripper also from Joann’s.
  • Basic pins, needles and thread available almost any place that sells sewing supplies.

Medium experience and skills – likes to sew.

  • Project boxes. She probably has several projects going and wants to keep them organized. project boxreThey have various kinds at various vendors. I got mine at a local quilt store but you can order them from Connecting threads.
  • Fancy fun pins by Fons & Porter. Your quilter has the basics, she wants some unique products.
  • Pinking Shears. I have a pair. Do I use them all the time, nope! But when you need them nothing else will really do. You can get them at almost any place that sells sewing supplies or check out the selection at Amazon.

Modern quilter – she really likes the new fabrics and look of modern quilts.

  • Crimson Tate is a modern quilt store in Indianapolis that has quilt kits from two of the hottest modern designers. Click here to pick one.
  • Her fabrics are also fresh and modern. Click here to choose yardage.
  • Or choose some Modern Quilt books from Sew Modern .

Traditional Quilter

  • You can’t go wrong at Hancocks of Paducah, the mecca store of quilting.
  • I will never stop recommending the Designer series of Gingher shears and scissors. Check out the selection at Amazon.

Every sewer and quilter

  • That purple thang is a nifty little device. I just got one and I love it.
  • Clover clips are ideal if your sewer ever sews binding on a quilt. clover clips You can see how it keeps everything in place without sticking you with a pin. I got mine at . Amazon
  • I just lost my polymer clay seam ripper and am thinking of buying one on Etsy. Here is one shop that sells them and here is another.
  • I personally LOVE the quilting t-shirts from Two Chicks Design. They come in all kinds of colors and sizes. My favorite is the V-neck which is a little extra but I just love V-necks!

Extravagant gifts

  • Aurifil Thread sets, 50 ct mako. Red Rock Threads has spools or decadent sets. I would recommend any of the colorful sets, don’t get the basic colors. Or put together your own set from the spool selection.
  • A spool cabinet. My husband got me one last year and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. You can read about mine here. If you are interested in getting one I would search online or at antique stores, that is what my husband did. Here are the search results that I just got.

Good luck with your gift search. I am pretty excited for the quilter or sewer in your life who is going to get a great gift this year. She will be happy.

Any quilters or sewers reading this, what did I miss? Do you have any other suggestions for fabulous gift ideas?

Giving and getting presents can make our loved ones Sew happy!

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