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DIY Cup sleeve tutorial - easy to make gift

Are you looking for a quick, easy and fun gift that is also eco friendly? I knew it! I love these sleeves so I made a step by step tutorial on how to make a sleeve for a cup of coffee or tea. One less paper item in a landfill or garbage can is a... Read more »

Perfect presents to give quilters and sewers

Giving presents can be tricky. You want to give the right gift and if the person you want to please is a quilter or sewer, I am here to help you. The trick is to know what level of interest and skill this marvelous person is. If you know that I can help you find... Read more »

Year of Quilts

I have two door quilts for January as I love the snow and end of holiday rush. It's a quilting month!
I live in a condo which I love. (No snow shoveling, no lawn cutting and a great location. Fine, some goofy neighbors but there are trade offs in this world.) My front door opens onto a hallway which means I can have quilts on my door and no elements will destroy them. I have been... Read more »