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Child Proofing a Spiral Staircase

My sewing studio is a loft above our great room, 400 square feet of gloriousness all for me. The ceiling does follow the roof line so upon occasion I have smacked my head at the ends. I have arranged the furniture so this doesn’t happen very often but I really have never thought about the... Read more »

Why I didn't sew today

Today was a perfect day for sewing. I wasn’t teaching, babysitting or meeting anyone. My husband was going to be away all day. Yet, somehow it didn’t work out. Let me tell you why I didn’t sew today. 6:30 am – Alarm goes off, I am going to get up nice and early to do... Read more »

Lower expectations for a Happy Thanksgiving

I have had some really great Thanksgiving dinners in my life, some interesting ones and a few lousy ones.  In a former lifetime, they were pretty crummy and I discovered that if I didn’t expect much, then I was happier. Now my life is pretty darn great but still I maintain that that it’s best... Read more »

DIY One week Christmas quilt

Remember the Christmas quilt I started cutting out last Wednesday? I think we can call it the DIY One week Christmas quilt because I finished it tonight. I worked on it 7 nights and if I had sewn more in the days, I could have finished it sooner. A week is pretty darn fast however! ... Read more »

Portland's Japanese Gardens and fabrics

Bolt is such a cute, cozy neighborhood store. It is near a fabulous French restaurant where we had breakfast and the best ice cream store I have ever visited. You will love your visit here.
Visiting Portland was such a mix of experiences. We were able to see our daughter which was wonderful on a personal level. We went with her to the home of friends I have known since High School so there were wonderful family/friends time here. We also were able to see gorgeous nature which I showed... Read more »

Young or old the results are often the same

There are many things which change as you grow old, like wrinkles or empty nests. But it seems to me that life is much the same just for different reasons. You might think “Wait until I am out of college, married with kids, living in my own house, retired THEN this or this will occur.” ... Read more »

Quick and easy Christmas quilt

I’ve been collecting Christmas fabric for a quilt for Zara somewhat haphazardly with a fuzzy idea that I would make a quilt for her, someday. Wednesday night I thought, wait, I want to have a special gift for her first birthday. What is more special than a quilt? Nothing, duh! But her party is at... Read more »

12 ways to inspire creativity

What fuels the creative process? I think there are as many answers to that as there are creative people. If you read this article, it maintains it is sleeping enough and eating right.  Maybe! For me, there are times when creativity just flows on its own. Other days I have to spark it, light my... Read more »

DIY 11 month bib

I am writing about the bib for month 11, you know what that means, yes? Soon I will be posting about sewing for the 1st birthday.  I am not sure what that will be but you will read about it here first along with the one year bib. I started back in January with a... Read more »

Setting a budget friendly Thanksgiving Table

I like to think of fall colors when I set my table.
Have you ever looked at table setting ideas for Thanksgiving? Those tables are loaded with crystal, silver and fine china, they are amazing. I don’t own crystal or fine china, I have casual blue and white china, Hadley pottery, blue Fiestaware and my grandmother’s Noritake. I have don’t own silver, I have pewter. That’s OK,... Read more »