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10 Teacher gift ideas from a teacher

There is no pressure or expectation to buy your child’s teacher a gift. Some parents do so I am here to offer my thoughts.  I taught in Illinois secondary schools for 35 years.  I never expected presents and neither did any of my friends. The best gift of all would be to have students who... Read more »

Thanksgiving countdown

I have a fresh turkey sitting in my fridge and no matter how many times I do Thanksgiving dinner, it still intimidates me a bit. I tried to dodge doing Thanksgiving dinner for years but finally I couldn’t get out of it any more. A holiday all about cooking for a gal who’d rather sew,... Read more »

Why I switched from sewing clothes to quilts

Have you ever had one of those moments in life when a decision was easy to make? When everything seemed really crystal clear and you knew exactly what was the right thing to do? No? Me either but I have made some decisions anyway and remember what prompted them. I can clearly remember why I... Read more »

12 items I should remove from my sewing room

I asked for this quilt block calendar and for the first year or two, I kept it up. Then it sat for awhile and looked pitiful. The date was never right. I put it on my birthday and have let it be. I just can't say good bye to it.
I love my sewing room and in fact I am going there right after I write this. It is chock full of fabric, spools, rulers, cutters, machines and thread all over the floor minutes after I clean it all up. In the rest of my house I get rid of things pretty quickly. Haven’t worn... Read more »

Stop the Jokes about the JFK assassination

I am fairly hard to offend. You can call me almost anything and it won’t be new because I taught in the public schools for 35 years. I choose not to watch or read certain shows or articles because I find them in poor taste but hey, if you like it that’s fine. I’m old... Read more »

Invite extra guests to your Thanksgiving table

Our family was small, 3 girls (one not born yet) and two parents.
My Mother and Father both came from Alton, Illinois where they had large, extended families. They left all that to come live in Chicago and we had a small group for holidays. My Mom wanted a bigger crowd so she signed us up to host foreign students from U of C. A local church organized... Read more »

Modern Blue City Quilt

I love my modern blue city quilt that I just have to blog about it again.  Again? Yes, if you followed me on my other blog site (Hi to all ten of you) then you have already read its history. I think it took about 4 months and 13 or so blogs to go from... Read more »

Disney has it wrong, step parents rock

It’s Blogapalooza time again and ChicagoNow bloggers have an hour to write and publish a post on challenges, a challenge unto itself. Ready, go! My one hour post on my own personal challenge. Have you seen many Disney movies? I have and in the case of The Littlest Mermaid, more times than I can count.... Read more »

DIY Fast and Easy Fall table runner

I bought 4 yards of the main fabric and cut out 10 napkins 18" by 18". I bought a half a yard of 3 different batiks to go with it and cut 3 2.5" strips of each.
I decided I wanted a new table runner. I wanted it fast. I wanted it easy. I wanted to not only make it but design it myself. So I did. I called it the DIY Fast and Easy Fall Table runner. What did I buy?  I wanted napkins also so I purchased 4 yards of... Read more »

Bikes hate me

I am not at all coordinated. I lack athletic skill. I am not gifted physically and cannot sing or dance. Sigh. On a brighter note, I am a darn good swimmer and can walk while chewing gum. For as long as I can remember I have tried to fancy myself a competent bike rider but... Read more »