Modern Blue City Quilt

I love my modern blue city quilt that I just have to blog about it again.  Again? Yes, if you followed me on my other blog site (Hi to all ten of you) then you have already read its history. I think it took about 4 months and 13 or so blogs to go from start to finish. Don’t panic, this is just a one blog quilt post. Ready, let’s go.

bc1re I bought this book in Kansas City in 2011. I had been flirting with modern quilts, peaking at them and had dabbled a bit.bc0re

Buying this book, City Quilts by Cheri House meant that I was making a commitment, I was going to make a full modern quilt. Now the dilemma was which gorgeous would I choose? I was so glad to have a book and pattern to follow as I explored this new way of looking at quilts. I chose City Bank and had a devil of a time getting the solids.

I had to end up ordering some from on line fabric sites. I went to all the local quilt stores and when I queried, “Do you have any solids?” one owner peered and demanded, “You’re not one of them modern quilters, are you?” Flustered, I assured her I was not. She continued to patronize me and ended with this gem. “Honey, when you’ve been quilting as long as I have, you will know that solids are dull.”

Really patches, you know how long I’ve been quilting? I didn’t want to get into a quilt off so I went home and looked online. And I bought way too many. I bc3reneed to make 4 more quilts with blue solids.

I cut strips. Lots and lots of strips. I altered the goal size a bit of the quilt to fit this space. bc2re

My sewing room (studio?) is  the loft. It is 400 sq feet but has a slanted ceiling. It also has some wardrobes up there. These are left over from daughters who made their rooms in the loft.

I had one wardrobe pushed next to the railing and the back of it was, well, ugly.

It took a while to get this new quilt made so I had some other quilts up temporarily.

bc4reIn the meantime I was sewing those strips together.

I would work on one color at a time. I would take breaks and make other things. This was the first row that I worked on. I would be ready for the next color when it came along.

One day, all the rows were done. Smile!bc5re

I made the decision to group the colors they way I did. I didn’t even think about it that hard. Probably should have but I am very happy with it.

bc7reI took a couple of months quilting it.

Yes, you read that correctly. I had only been machine quilting a year, really six months. I had given all the previous quilts I machine quilted away. I was not that secure but this quilt helped me on that.

I stitched in the ditch on every black piece of fabric in this quilt. Then I went back with a variegated blue and quilted increasing geometric bars on every blue strip. bc8re

When it was done my husband and I figured out a way to hang it. He put hooks on the top of the wardrobe. I sewed links onto the top of the quilt by hand. Then we slipped dowel rods into the loops and threaded them through the hooks.

Huge sigh of relief, I made it exactly the right size. Wardrobe hidden.

I love this quilt with all my heart. It set me on a path of modernizing my quilting and fabric and it gave me confidence in machine quilting. Plus, it hid the back of that wardrobe!


Sew happy!

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