DIY One week Christmas quilt

Remember the Christmas quilt I started cutting out last Wednesday? I think we can call it the DIY One week Christmas quilt because I finished it tonight. I worked on it 7 nights and if I had sewn more in the days, I could have finished it sooner. A week is pretty darn fast however!  If you want to start your own, check out my first post. Go sew and come back when your top is done.  Go!

Cq2re2All caught up? Great, now let’s continue.

First thing I had to do was make the back as the top was finished in 3 days. cq2re3

In the night I woke up with this idea. Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to me either.

I had this feeling that I wanted to make it geometric and deconstructed unwrapped packages. Does that make any sense? Think of Christmas morning, paper and ribbons strewn about. But I made that scene geometrically.

I started on the top half of the back first. It wasn’t quite off center enough but I knew I could change that with how I loaded it on Gladys.

Cq2re4I made the bottom half and joined the two. You may have noticed I have it upside down here.  Ooops! I had started out with 4 yards of the red and white stripe which was going to be the back. After I used some of it for the borders, I needed a new plan.

What made me glad was that I like having a modern back and the key to that is to not have enough fabric for the back.  I cut up the red stripe and then cut strips and kept sewing pieces together.

Once I was happy with it, I loaded it on Gladys. cq2re1

I have it loaded side to side as that makes the quilting so much easier. I have about 18 inches to play with top to bottom but side to side I have 14 feet. The less I have to turn the rollers, the faster and smoother the quilting is. I loaded the back first and secured it with red snappers. Then I floated the batting and the top over that.

The quilt had horizontal stripes and I wanted to improve my vertical quilting. I had tried this with Zara’s quilt and had to stop and start on those lines and ended up with all kinds of thread boogers. Boo. Read about it here.

I realized I could get vertical lines that didn’t stop if I loaded the quilt on its side and made those lines using the horizontal lock on my Gammill. Now why didn’t I think of that before?Cq2re6

Cq2re5I used my wonderful Clover clips and sewed down the binding over the course of a couple of hours. No matter how you make a quilt, the binding always takes time. I used the continuous binding method but all done by machine. Joining the two pieces at the end always makes me cross eyed. And yes, I did sew it wrong the first time.  Yay for me!

Here’s the finished project.  (Insert smile here.) No thread boogers but when I pulled on the fabric at the very end as I was quilting the last row, I did mess up the bottom tension a bit. I won’t do that again. I learn something with every quilt. Longarm quilting is not for sissies!

I think Zara will really like it but I have to tattle on myself. When I finished it and folded it up, the vertical sides are exactly the same but the Cqre6horizontal side is a it more than a quarter inch longer on one end. Rats! Oh well, don’t tell Zara OK?

See how I loaded it a bit off center? I wanted a more asymmetrical back and it turned out just how I wanted. Next time, even more off center. I am a wild thing. Or maybe I will piece a huge block to put on the back.

I think the backs of modern quilts is what I love the most!

I also love trying to get an “artistic shot” of my quilt. I have seen such fabulous nature shots with quilts on other blogs so my camera, the quilt and I went out to find a cool place. We all about froze to death and the quilt tried to get blown into a pond. We settled for this.


Sew happy!

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