DIY Fast and Easy Fall table runner

I decided I wanted a new table runner. I wanted it fast. I wanted it easy. I wanted to not only make it but design it myself. So I did. I called it the DIY Fast and Easy Fall Table runner.

What did I buy?  I wanted napkins also so I purchased 4 yards of brown and a half yard each of green, gold and orange. I used leftover batting plus white fabric and thread I already had.

I cut 2.5″ strips of the colors and sewed 6 together and cut that up into eight 2.5″ wide strips. I gathered those around the brown fabric until I liked what I saw. Then I added some white. I cut the center brown fabric the size I needed for the piece the strips surrounded. I also cut rectangles of the brown to attach at the ends.  It will make sense as you flip through the photo gallery, I promise. I will be busy making napkins, I can even follow my own post on it.

I had leftovers so I used those for the back. I trimmed the sides before I sewed it together. I like it because it is just the size I wanted for my table this Thanksgiving. Click through the gallery below to view  it. Or come on over on the big day and you can see it.

You’re bringing the turkey, yes?

Yay! Sew happy!

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