DIY Cup sleeve tutorial - easy to make gift

Are you looking for a quick, easy and fun gift that is also eco friendly? I knew it! I love these sleeves so I made a step by step tutorial on how to make a sleeve for a cup of coffee or tea. One less paper item in a landfill or garbage can is a good thing. Plus, they’re cute as heck. Ready? Here is the DIY Cup sleeve tutorial – easy to make gift .

Materials needed:Cup Sleeve re1

2 pieces of fabric approximately 5″ by 12″

1 piece of batting approximately 5″ by 12″

2″ of Velcro

Downloaded and Printed pattern piece.


1. Cut out one pattern piece from first fabric and one from batting. Cup Sleeve re6The batting will be correct no matter which side you use to cut it out on.

2. Flip pattern over and cut a reverse piece from Fabric #2. I write front and reverse on my Cup Sleeve re7pattern just to keep it all straight.

3. Place right sides of both cup pieces together.  Place the batting on either top or bottom. Stitch together. I stitch on the batting side so I am sure it is not going to show when I turn it inside out.

4. Make sure you leave a gap in the stitching so you can turn the sleeve inside out.

5. Turn inside out and make sure you get the corners nicely done. I used a purple thang.  Press the sleeve. Cup Sleeve re 12Press it again. I like to get it nice and flat.

6. You now are practically done but there is the gap! I stitch all around to close gap. You could use a decorative stitch if you wanted, whatever works for you. I have even quilted them a bit just to give it a decorative look.

7. Stitch one piece of Velcro at either end. It doesn’t matter which side you start with as long as you do the opposite end and side next.

8. Flip to the opposite end and side for the second piece of Velcro.Cup Sleeve re 16 You can see the sewing line and the Velcro in the picture.

9. Stick the Velcro to each other and place on cup. It’s reversible!

You’re done!

Variation: Pieced front

Cup Sleevere4On the pattern piece you see the option for making a fancy pieced front.

Cut out the 3 pieces.

Sew together. Cup Sleeve re9

Assemble the rest exactly as you did the non pieced front.

Pieced front or plain front, you can give these as gifts. Put the sleeve on a paper cup with a 5.00 gift card inside. Add some tissue inside and wrap with cello paper and a ribbon.

cup holder re 19Enjoy your cup sleeves and saving a bit of garbage from the earth each day!

Cute gift which helps the planet?

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