Child Proofing a Spiral Staircase

My sewing studio is a loft above our great room, 400 square feet of gloriousness all for me. The ceiling does follow the roof line so upon occasion I have smacked my head at the ends. I have arranged the furniture so this doesn’t happen very often but I really have never thought about the safety of this sanctuary. It is reached via a spiral staircase and my only worry about that was at what age will those stairs be too much for me?

stairs1I never considered the bottom of the spiral staircase a hazard until baby Z became mobile. At 11 months she is everywhere at once and has no regard for her own personal safety. We have filled the electrical plugs, put locks on cabinets and rearranged fragile items. Then we looked at the spiral staircase.  How does one go about child proofing a spiral staircase?

It is just far enough away from one wall to be tricky and it curves. The other side has no handle. No problem, someone must have solved this problem before, yes? Or no. We looked online. We ordered a gate and kit to convert to a spiral staircase and sent it all back. We brainstormed and looked online

No luck, we were on our own.

We needed something we could park under the table and roll out when Z was over. (Or a super clever device to descend from the ceiling. Where is Iron Man and his clever workshop when you need him?) I spied this rolling box from Hayseed.

It rolls and was smaller than the table. I was sure I could make it work.

No one else really shared my vision but we ordered it.  (Here’s the website.) I even got 5 bucks off.

stairs 2It arrived and my husband put it together. (Thanks honey!)

I filled it with quilts and put it in front of the entry to the stairs. Perfect!

Plus I love all the quilts in there, many belong to my world traveling daughter who will eventually come home and claim then. By then, Zara should be less likely to hurt herself on the stairs.

It fits under the table. stairs 3

I posted my good news and clever soon-to-be patented idea on my Facebook page.

I got skepticism in return. People don’t think this will keep Z off of the stairs.

I just need to slow her down long enough to get to her. So I asked Zara what she thought.

stairs 4She felt pretty intimidated by my fabulous box o’ quilts child proofing of the spiral staircase.

In fact, she decided the wall was more interesting. stairs 5

Hey, she’s not even a year old yet, walls are interesting.

I will keep you posted if the box o’ quilts maintains its perfect safety record.

Quilts: keeping kids warm and safe for generations!

Sew happy!

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Child proofing update! Flash forward 3 years and I’ve written an update to this post. You can read it here

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