Bikes hate me

I am not at all coordinated. I lack athletic skill. I am not gifted physically and cannot sing or dance. Sigh. On a brighter note, I am a darn good swimmer and can walk while chewing gum. For as long as I can remember I have tried to fancy myself a competent bike rider but I think it’s time to admit it, bikes hate me.

You don’t believe me? Hear me out.

When I was eight, yes 8 years old I still had not mastered riding a two wheeler. I can see that smirk on your face. You don’t think I felt bad? I did! My Mom would practice and practice with me and at one point that summer I was doing it, I was riding my bike. And I was too until I fell and suffered a concussion and had to be carried home a bloody mess by my mother. It was my second concussion of the summer. I know, it does explain a lot.

I did eventually master riding my bike and got a new one as a reward. I never was a dare devil. Never rode “no handed” in my life. Didn’t share my bike with another person, one on the seat and the other pedaling. I rode my bike mainly to the library or with my friends. Well, not with them exactly but some distance behind them.

Flash forward to college when everyone had their bike at college. The one I had received 10 or so years ago still had the book baskets on it but wasn’t the fastest bike on the block. It didn’t have gears or hand brakes. My Mother let me take her bike to college, you know how this ends, right? I had a bike accident and got a free ride in an ambulance and concussion number three. After that I took the bus in bad weather and walked in good.ArthurMarkham

Once I had my children I didn’t want to pass along my lack of biking skill. One of my proudest parenting accomplishments was that both of my girls learned to ride a two wheeler before kindergarten. And read but they rode their bikes! My youngest and I were out for a ride when she was 7 and she darted in front of me, slammed on her brakes and to avoid her I slammed on mine and went sailing over her. After that I rode alone.

You might be thinking, lady you really aren’t very good at riding a bike, why don’t you stop? Hey, I have few enough athletic abilities I am not giving up on my few! I kept riding my bike and bought a new one which I was riding one day when I decided to change direction so I slowed down to turn and fell off. Shattered my elbow and have the titanium replacement to prove it.

I kept on riding my bike but with a new snazzy helmet my husband bought me. I didn’t ride as much this summer as I usually do because I feel like I might have one more accident left on those wheels.

Do I want to risk it? Or is it time to just admit that bikes hate me?

On the other hand, sewing machines and all things needle, they love me.

Sew happy!

1396021_766332490048528_592337026_nWhile we are on the subject of bikes, isn’t this a cool quilt? It is a commemorative piece for the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France. The center is a map of France and Corsica with the actual route of the 2013 ride stitched onto it and the borders have a Tour de France fabric.

It is being auctioned off for charity by Green Bay Cycles.

To get your bid in, see more pictures and get all the info click here.

Quilts and bikes, pretty cool!

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